Friday, February 13, 2009

One week till my honey comes home and flowers that confuse me.

One week. The count down is on. The calender has a big daddy comes home and circled with magic marker. Every night a bright pink or army green marker X's out another day closer to Yea! daddy's back. We have almost successfully managed another 6 weeks of daddy being gone, with only minimal minor disasters.

Now the other half of the title of this post... The mystery flowers. don don daaa (mystery music)

At nap time today, the big brown UPS truck came flying down my driveway, no I'm not exaggerating, he apparently wasn't too awfully concerned about a driveway that looks like a skating rink. The little rather grumpy looking feller jumped out to hand me a long green box with Pro Flowers in big letters across the side. Confused I checked the label before he left and sure enough, my name, my address and even my phone number printed on the overnight delivery label. First thought, aww my honey not only had ordered flowers for me on our anniversary but Valentines as well. But, how?

I open the box and in a glass vase, no water... is a bouquet of pink, white and red tulips...I so love tulips..any wildflowers actually. Sorry rose fans, roses are pretty and yes I do like them, but they die so fast and just a bit too snobbish and typical for my taste.

After pulling out the flowers,vase, plant food and directions I noticed a computer card that read "Happy Valentines Mom, Love the names of my boys. After phone calls and text messages I'm still not 100% sure of who the money and ordering behind them are.

I love them, and it was a beautiful surprise. So thank you whoever and my wonderful cowboybabies.

Fresh cut tulips on my table among this slushy, wet, cold and snowy winter is fantastic. It's amazing how much, alive and colorful flowers in the house can perk up the entire atmosphere.

I have the sweetest most handsome Valentines in the world....My Boys!

Happy Valentines, may it be full of love and appreciation for you loved ones.

Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We were ready for some football.

If you hadn't guessed by my littlest imp's shirt, I'm a bit of a Steelers fan. Now, now, no getting ticked, we all have our favorite teams and mine has happen to be the black and gold since I was about the age of my oldest. I had my baby dressed in his jersey only because that cheese head fan of a husband of mine wasn't home as you well know. I did get plenty of harassment starting first thing Sun. morning telling me how bad the Cardinals were going to beat Pittsburgh..blah blah blah.

Game time rolls around and it was Rompa Room Superbowl party time. Pizza, chips, dip, soda, homemade carmel rolls, no I said Rompa Room. I've got it all spread out on a table in the living room. I've got three boys eating and bouncing around. Oldest cheering for as daddy told him..the Cardinals. That husband of mine has gotten my oldest to be a Packer Fan, Middle little most of the time is a Pack fan and they take every chance they get to taunt Mommy. But, since the Pack wasn't playing, Middle little decided Mommy's terrible towel looked like more fun, so now I've got two of three rooting for my team.

Since that cowboy/soldier of mine has been gone we've done an anniversary, a birthday and now the Superbowl without him. You know what, I'm more confident that we are going to be ok for the upcoming deployment. We'll miss him terribly, but our lives will continue on same ole same ole. Besides if it ever gets too hard I've always got this little animal to yell..."g-g-g-GOOOO!" at me and as you can see, he's rather in your face about it. Am I in for a real challenge raising this one. Wish me luck.