Monday, September 21, 2009

The move, 4H feeder lamb and the fair all the same weekend

I said I would so here it is...

The last weekend of August is when our count
y fair is. Which in my house means all the training and chores and work my now 9 year old son has been doing with his spring lamb will be put to the test.'s a great organization, my husband and I as has our families before us have all been a part of this group. It's part of being a farm kid. It's right up there with chores before school, not afraid of mud on your jeans and laughing at city folks who snicker and laugh when the male anatomy of cattle and horses show, oh I don't know, I always get a chuckle out of the women walking through the barns in flip flops or heels and then grumbling they stepped in poop.

This was my oldest cowboybaby's first year and 4H and he's been working with his lamb since late spring. First bottle feeding it, then getting it used to him, teaching it to walk on a lead...that is funny on its, own lambs can be very very stubborn, eventually to be able to lead it around by it's head, for the most part. Oh, and getting it sheared before the fair..poor little bald thing.

The Fair was here before I knew what hit me. He was at the fair everyday, with our 4H advisor and her daughter, while I'm back home packing and cleaning a house, chasing after my other two tots and trying to keep my head from popping off with the stress of the task ahead of me.

Friday rolls around, the day before the move I might
add, and it's time to go in the show ring and show the little critter...the lamb, Spot...yeah he named it. It's a weather or whether I don't remember the spelling, that means it's a male with no uhm balls. OK we are adults hear I can say that without snickering right. He did great, walked around the ring, set it up to show, had his pretty, mostly clean white shirt on and guess what blue ribbon. He didn't get grand champion or best of show or anything, can't say I really expected him to, but blue ribbon means he can take it to the premium sale.

So yes, it all worked out very well. He followed though, he worked hard, did his best and learned the lesson that I was going for..Hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run. A blue ribbon to be proud of hanging on the wall and the good feeling that you did a great job.

No Spot is not possessed, the lighting in the sale barn was not the best.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have Survived

I know I know it's been so long since I wrote and I said once my hubby deployed I would keep up with this blog thingy better. Give me some slack..I had to find a house and move and be at the fair and start two kids all in two weeks by Myself.

I did it!

I can honestly say this has to be without a doubt one of the toughest things I've ever done in my life. All's well that end's well though, only damage done was to me, my children are doing wonderfully and that's all I ask.

The house I'm in isn't the same as the one in the previous post. That one was a joke. Two sisters own it and one said I could have I quit looking and then two days later the other sister calls to say I can't. Mad scurry to find a house begins again. Call after call all leading to nothing. Until one night I get a phone call from a lady who we'd asked about the house but it was for sale, our name kept coming up to her so she said she prayed about it and figured with my name keep coming up maybe God was telling her something. She took it off the market and let me have it right away. Her and her husband truly are my God sents. Not only did they rent me their house, they are the biggest sweethearts you could ever ask for, like renting me their house isn't kind enough she also asks if there is anything else I need please don't be afraid to call.

The house...OH the house. It's such as upgrade. We have more room, we are in the country still but on it is so much prettier even than the other place. I am surrounded by wonderful families and the cincher that brought a tear to my eye is pulling in the driveway and an American flag flying from a flagpole in the front yard.

I'm really trying not to get excited but that soldier of mine and I have talked about buying a house soon anyway...could this be our little patch of heaven? I sure not even considering that option till I spend a winter here that's for sure.

But that's the cliff note version of the past 3 weeks. My next post will include pictures and be of Cody and his 4H lamb at the fair.

stay safe,
Cowgirl Lady

Monday, August 17, 2009

Found a house!

I found a house. It's not exactly what I was looking but do we ever really find exactly what we are looking for. I'm not exactly in any position to be picky right now either. It's in the same school district for the kids, it's in the country, so I don't have to adjust myself and kids to town, it's got enough bedrooms, I can take the dogs and it's really an upgrade as far as structurally sound. This place though I hate to leave right now is really not in the best condition.

There are some minor downfalls to the place. I
shouldn't say they are bad, I think it's just going to be an adjustment. I'm really out in the Boony's now. Like way off from paved roads and no neighbors, which really doesn't bother me, we like our peace and quiet. I'm just not sure how being that far out and no close neighbors is going to work for me in the winter. I've always had friends and neighbors bring their tractors out to plow me out in the winter. I do believe I'm going to need to buy a big snow blower and do it myself now. UHGG!

So... I'm kind of at a waiting period right now. Waiting for the contract to be written up, waiting for money so I can actually pay for the place, transfer my utilities and move, waiting to actually get the keys and have the place. They are holding it for me right now..which is a plus right?

I'm starting the big clean up and packing which sucks anyway, but now I'm going through and packing my Soldier's stuff first. It's not like he needs them right now does he? As I go through his cloths, and all the misc items he has everywhere, I find myself hugging and smelling each of his shirts I fold and pack, trying so hard to hold back the tears but failing miserably. This is proving to be a lot harder not easier.

I know I have friends that are going to help me move, and are there for me, but there are some voids friends just can't fill.

I don't think I've ever felt so overwhelmed,completely on my own and the worst part lack of the strength that I'm always told I have. before in my life.

Starting to take some Pepcid OTC, because the tummy and backache and nausea is telling me all the stress is taking it's toll. Soldier on right? Adapt and overcome is what our lives are about, right?

So...with tears in my eyes, a heavy heart and a deep breath, I'll grab my soldier's shirt, lay my head on it and fall asleep to the smell of the man that I miss with every depth of my being.

Tomorrow is a new day... I'll push on and do what I must, with the hope that things will all work out in the end.

Goodnight my dears,

Cowgirl Lady

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Deployment begins and so does my biggest test in life thus far.

Yesterday under gray skies and slow drizzle (pretty par for the course) I laid my head on my soldier's shoulder as he nested his face in my neck whispering our love for each other and our parting words before we kissed and said goodbye as he departs for a year long deployment to Kosovo on a peace keeping mission.

The drive home is always one of the worst parts of a send off. I'm crying, the older two boys are crying, and my toddler is trying to figure out what the heck is going on. In all other prior deployments, this is my boo hoo time. I allow myself a week of boo hoos, where I'm aloud to cry whenever I want, I can be out of it, kind of numb and wallow in my self pity of missing the man that completes me. After that week, I don't allow myself to wallow. Oh sure I still cry occasionally, usually some evening when the kids are asleep the house is quiet and all I can feel is that empty void of him not being here. But life must go on, his absence isn't the focus point.

This deployment I don't even get my week of boo hoos. Tue afternoon, which I might add my husband's last day at home before he had to report in at Fargo, my landlord called to inform me that they sold the house, and want us out by the end of the month. Two weeks, they expect me to find a house, and be moved in two weeks. So, even my last hour standing by the Jeep in the parking lot of the Armory, my husband is on his cell phone, calling someone who might have a house for rent ( they didn't). Our final hours together before he leaves for a year had this heavy cloud of me having to do the impossible.

I've called on about 5 houses so far, none of which are available. School starts for the kids on the 31st, the county fair in which my oldest has a 4H lamb in it is 26-30, military pay doesn't start till Sept 1st and I'm expected to do the impossible deed of moving by the 1st.

For the first time in my life I feel helpless and scared. Not so much for myself, but my boys are looking at losing their dad, their house, possibly their dogs, having to go from country kids to town kids, maybe change school and after the reaction I saw of just dad leaving, I don't think they can handle it.

Back to the telephone and holding myself together for the sake of my boys.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do I make a cake for myself for father's day?

Father's day is almost here and no daddy. But, hear me out on this one. Since I am currently in one of those married single mom times. I am being the mommy and daddy both. I cook, clean and cuddle. But, I am also doing the yard work, the trash, breaking out the toolbox to fix what needs fixed, being the strong voice when they are in trouble, I've tried doing the low voice too but it just doesn't work, I sound like a toad being stepped on.

This is just one of the random thoughts I have much can a mommy step in to take the place of a daddy. besides father's day. Next year, middle little will be in kindergarten and thus having a dad come to school for donuts afternoon. Do I go?

Just sharing a random thought I had today. Still undecided on the whole cake thing though. Maybe tomorrow night, I'll grab a cup of tea, a piece of lemon meringue pie, and toast a here's to you girl. Happy father's day..Mom!

Oh, and to all the dad's and Mom's being moms and dads...Happy Father's Day to you as well!!! Here's to you.

Get out side and play with your kids, dare I say's Summer!

Helping a toddler with a bum foot chase butterflies,
Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm feeling very blah today.

I wouldn't say I'm a super chipper person, but I'm not a total crank either. I'm usually just a normal, contented housewife, mom of 3 cowboybabies and proud soldier's wife. I'm just having one of those no ambition, no pep, and just blah kind of days.

Those that are thinking it..yes I'm fine. I'm not all depressed and mopeing about or anything.

I have my support sisters (another military wife and /or bestest buddies) whom I've called when I needed to vent or can't believe I'm saying this...cried to. Even non military so need to get you some support sisters. Someone who knows you well enough that when they call and ask how you are you can say I'm great and they know and aren't afraid to call you out and tell you.."you are such a liar."

But really, I'm fine. The baby's appt. at the Orthopedics went fine, he's not in a cast they have him in what they call a Wee Walker..which is basically a brace he can walk in, when he is able to walk.

My New Jeep broke down on me already, but it's out of the shop and if not totally fixed I am aware of the issue and can keep an eye on it now. My soldier calls when he can, usually just a quick this is what he did that day, how are the kids, gotta go love ya bye. Yeah, I'm not very high maintenance. Many other women would be upset or something with the fact that there is no lovey and mushy, I miss you, I love you so much, you are such a superwoman doing all this on your own. Me? don't get it, don't expect it. I get all my ego strokes from my support sisters.

Nothing will perk you up for a good day as getting a text message first thing in the morning telling you " good morning sunshine. I am the planet that revolves around you." It's goofy, yes I know, but it works. Nothing helps you get through some stressful time as a friend. (lets call her Venus since she orbits around me...I am the sun, la la la la!)

Venus being there, calling you superwoman, even when you don't know how you are going to get through this without falling apart, that kind of support really gives you the umptoo to do whatever you need, without holding it all in and eventually having a complete mommy/wife meltdown.

I'm not just speaking of the current situations I've been in, I'm talking about 9 yrs of situations,stressers, dilemma's and complete and utter holy shit, you've got to be kidding me times.

Now be very picky when picking your support sisters. Let me tell you, pick the wrong one and you are going to be adding vinegar to your baking soda stress level.

It's hard to do, but time will eventually have true colors showing through. The whole call me anytime, you'll know if they really mean it the first time you call in the middle of the night or right in the middle of the day when the kids are fighting, the dog's barking, the baby is get the picture. Now if it was a serious I need a friend to vent to time, not just an average how you doing phone call, your support sister, will kick the dog outside..distract the kids and lock herself in the bathroom to give you her undivided attention. You see where I'm going with this. I wish that was on the list of things you need pre-deployment. I think it would help so many new military wifeys.

I guess all my rambling is just me explaining that I'm just blah because I'm blah. But, I'm not superwoman with no criptonite...notice I didn't deny being superwoman..doot do dooo!

Well, since it's middle of the day and the boys are fighting, and the dog is barking I'm off. Faster than a speeding bullet. SWOOSH

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deployment hasn't started yet...but chaos has.

Summer is here, well in the fact that kids are out of school, bathing suits are hanging on the racks at all the stores, taunting me, telling me oh hell no girl, have you looked at your butt lately and hopefully the sun will continue to shine and days will stay warm.

My soldier man is once again gone. Far away, well not really,only a few hours north, but still he's gone. He's off playing soldier again, shooting stuff, playing with all kinds of nifty GI Joe type things and whatever else soldiers do when they are away at AT (annual training) prior to a deployment.

I figured ahh, go. We are fine. Got my riding lawn mower, no more push mowing for me, got my new my truck but she needs a break, almost 300,000 miles and some much needed TLC before driving again, kids are out of school, snow is away for a few months (please please be away) I was set. 3 weeks of just summer fun, maybe some landscaping my flower beds, nothing but fun. HA!

2 days after my man and the rest of his "company" headed north for training the military wife curse strikes again.

Military wife curse = anything bad, causes extra stuff, or any situation in general that would be a lot easier to handle physically and/or mentaly when your soldier is home ...will wait to happen till he is gone, far enough that can't come home to help and/or long enough that you really get the kabaam in your face reality are on your own woman!

The latest strike hit me on a sunny afternoon when we were all outside playing. The rain had finally quit and it dried enough that we were out playing t-ball, blowing bubbles, chasing a bouncy ball around the yard. Typical summer day here.

Rj, my ginger top (strawberry blond) youngest cowboybaby, age 2, was toddling around the yard as full of pee and vinegar little boys nonstoply do. He stepped on the t-ball bat that was so sneakily lying in the grass (not really but makes the story sound better) anyway...he steps on the bat, stands on it a second and in the typical ungraceful matter a toddler falls, the bat rolls and he trips off of it. I gathered him up kissed him, dusted him off and by now he's wiggling like crazy trying to get out of my arms to go frolic some more...cue the dramatic music....

I bend to set him down. He stands for about a half second goes to take a step and crumbles to the ground. Any mom here knows that acidic taste you get in your mouth, your heart racing in your head the stomach instantly in knots feeling you get when the mom instinct kicks in..somethings wrong!!!

Safe to say, after another attempt to walk and another heart retching moment of him crumbling to the ground...Off to the ER we go. By now the ankle is swollen and has a growing purple bruise on it.

Yep you guessed it... My two year old tot has a fracture. A fractured soft plate to be exact. Which in layman's terms means. At his age the bones aren't all fused together yet, he fractured the plate that his little bones will eventually fuse into.

I know and I agree! I can hear ya'lls voices now. Poor little guy!

All and all he's doing quite well. He's got a splint on it for now. Next week we have an appt. with Ortho. they'll decide on if he needs a cast or not.

So...wondering thoughts of mine. Please don't let this be a sign of what my upcoming deployment is going to be like. Or maybe I should be optimistic, we got the bad thing out of the way and if this is the worst, I'm ok with that. It really really sucks seeing my baby in pain and we are both extremely sleep deprived but we are handling it.

Big brothers are handling it well too, oh they baby the little guy. "Aww poor RJ, do you want brother to get you anything" That little man of ours is getting spoiled like crazy by his brothers...and maybe by momma a little bit too.

Once again I'm going to brag and say I've got the greatest kids ever. Something happens we all rally together and stick together, help each other out and comfort one another.

I love my Army brats...they Rock!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring before deployment

Spring has sprung er sprang maybe come or know what I mean regardless of how I phrase it.

The flooding has passed, sandbags and clay dikes are being removed. The rivers are finally going back in their banks and ground water is slowly very slowly evaporating or flowing away in the nearest creek if possible. There is still water water everywhere but the farmers are making the best of it and planting where they can what they can and hoping for the best.

Deployment prep is officially underway...ha ha funny (Navy and CG wives will understand). Got my power of attorney (don't let him leave the country without you having it) Got my info into the FSG/FRG (family support group/family readiness group), hmm what else, Got Skype. Skype! oh let me tell you about Skype. {Hallelujah choir sings}

Skype is officially my latest greatest thing since sliced bread product. Skype is this online talk to each other phone need a computer, Internet ... I know you have it, I'm not a figment of your imagination... you need a good mic and preferably a webcam. You log on, your friends see you are on they call you and you can either just talk to each via microphone, or talk and watch each other if you have a webcam.

Mental note. you don't push a button to talk, it's constant (like talking on a normal phone) so the other person hears take some Beano and don't drink burpy soda's , and try not to yell at your children thinking the other person won't hear you, they will.

I don't recommend telling your spouse..oh my look how bad Jonny Ray looks he's really aged bad, your friend will hear you and probably run away crying, swearing never to get on cam again. He'll lose the chance he had of hooking up with Ellie Sue his pre-destined soul mate, on one of those online date sights. All because you made him too self conscious, you big meanie!

Just saying, no offense to any Jonny Ray's out there.

That barrel chested, bulging muscled armed Cowboy Soldier of mine, is away in Bismark yesterday and today so we decided to test out the almighty Skype. Kids are fed, bathed and ready for night night, Cowboy Yummy is checked into his hotel room all relaxed for the night, we are signed in... so he calls.

We chose to converse via webcam also and it went splendid, we see him and he sees us, we talk and giggle and make faces at each other, blow kisses, the baby even picked his nose for daddy. Nothing says I miss you like a 2 yr old both fingers knuckle deep in his nose and laughing his little butt off at how funny he sounds when he talks while booger fishing.

Did I mention Skype is free. Well, calling computer to computer is free. You can pay a small fee and be able to call normal phones using it too. No I have not been paid by the Skype people, they don't even know of my existence, I just wanted to share one of my deployment thingys.

Oh how I wish we had this years ago, many of deployments and underways ago. Nope, I was in the era of occasional emails, snail mail and land line phone calls home. I went weeks, and months without hearing from my man...Gasp..I even survived and wasn't a total wreck.

So there's my rambling on Skype. Now that deployment prep is really starting I'll be sure to share any other new things I'm trying.

Now go outside and enjoy the sun. Oh sun, hello my friend, oh how I've missed you, warm my cold feet.

Till next time...hopefully back on a regular schedule.

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady

Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Mess!

Flooding has subsided but not completely gone.

Fargo and the Red River has already crested a second time, started going down and now they are removing the sandbags and dikes. I would like to take a moment to step on my soapbox yet again. Don't roll your eyes at me, young lady/man.

I believe, that the rest of the Nation can learn a valuable lesson from the city of Fargo. A lesson of pride in what you have, neighbor helping neighbor, stepping up and doing yourself what needs to be done, instead of sitting back waiting for someone else to do it and then crying when it's not done the way you want.

Come on people get with it. The city of Fargo, battled the worst flood in history, and they did it with their heads held high, optimism, a fighting pioneer spirit and a belief in themselves that by damn, we will get this done. If it turns for the worst, we aren't giving up, we are going down swinging.

Kudos to you Fargo, you give me faith and hope in mankind again. In a city with a population of less than 100,000 people, 80,000 people sandbagged. Yes, some where National Guard, but none the less those are some impressive numbers. Way to step up, Fargo. For being an implant you make me proud to say I'm in North Dakota now.

That said... I am really tired of water. I have known water, as in the salty oceanic type. I've seen the power of hurricane and waves. Holy cow, is overland water a destructive force that should not be messed with. In a matter of overnight, no water can go to five feet at your doorstep and it can have some pretty strong currents too.

Example A

That is just plain overland flooding, that's a field, there was no creek or little river there, it was NOT somebodies small pond. That is a corn field that is now 4-5 feet deep.

Example B

That's my road about 2.5 miles to the west. On either side is also supposed to be fields. Once again, just fields... not creeks and rivers. Amazing huh. Scary too. Pictures just doesn't show how deep a hole that is and how wide that road is washed out, all the little whirlpools in it and just how blooming fast that water is running.

Example C

Yes, this is minor, but close to my heart. Why you ask...because that's my barn in the background. These are all examples of why I have to drive my son back and forth to school everyday because the buses are not aloud to run on gravel roads as well as why 150 roads in my county are closed.

We will survive this, we will clean up and hold our heads high that we fought the Flood of '09' and I did it on my own. My soldier honey has been gone on Flood Ops since the 3rd week of March. They called "Send in the National Guard!" and away he went, looking pretty hot in his ACU's I might add.
Welcome to my world...A military wife and a married single mom.

Stay dry. ha ha ha.

Hooah ~ Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flood '09' and Spring '09' Continues

I think I'm beginning to cave under the stress/pressure.

It has been 9 days since I've been flooded in and in those, usually not a problem being a married single mom 9 days, I've had Cowboy in Cammie's go to Fargo to assist with the Red River flooding, I've had two snow storms, every exit route (meaning dirt roads) from my house have been either flooded over or washed out, my oldest cowboybaby has missed school the whole time,my beagle keeps getting out of his kennel no matter what Gerry rigging or attempted carpentry I do and the guy who usually comes and pushes the snow out of my driveway so I can get out, his tractor broke.

I think I've done really quite well being flooded in. I've had the supplies I've needed. We have had to... stretch milk a bit, I've been baking all the bread and I am out of body wash and shampoo, but bar soap and baby shampoo works too. I'm counting my blessings, I have toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes and bottled water left. My house and truck isn't flooded, the sump pump is hooked up and ready to go for whenever the frost decides to let loose and my basement starts flooding like crazy, and my boys are happy and playing like nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Today, after I thought I'd successfully fixed the beagle getting out (he'd stayed in all day yesterday) I heard my big lovable Vizsla barking and sure enough my fat little rolly polly beagle is out running through the snow drifts. At that point when my heart started racing and I could feel the tears starting to well up I realized... I'm not super woman after all.

Once again pep talk to myself again time...Cowgirl's don't cry, the boys can't see you cry, keep the attitude at the house positive, you can't fall's forbidden, you're the mom, the wife, you must keep it together at all times. Sigh! and I did, not a single tear made it's escape down my cheeks from the pools of stress and frustration that had puddled up in the corners of my eyes.

I hate ego busters. Not like I go around bragging what a great military wife I am or anything. I don't walk around with a chip on my shoulder, but that is the one aspect of my life I'd believed I'd kept on a path of continued success since I'd married the barrel chested love of my life in early 2000. For pity sake I've been through 2 deployments, too many to count work ups, schools, and training that left me waving goodbye with at least one babe on my hip.

I prided myself in knowing that when my darling had to be away, he wouldn't have to worry about back home He'd have the assurance that I could and would handle anything that was needed of me. A distracted soldier is a dead soldier. Yeah, I know, but something you have to learn.

I wasn't issued in his duffel bag, it's country and state first and we get him the leftover time. Come on woman pull yourself together, you've gone through surgery, a move, hospitalized children, house repairs, and family issues while he's away.

I've excepted where I rank, I'm fine with that. Oh but, a newly found weakness in myself had me ready to drop to my knees in the 12+ feet of snow throw my hands up and cry that I want my Cowboy!! I can't do this anymore, I can't be the housewife and mom, as well as the muscles and handyman. For once could the planets line up that when shit happens it's not while he's away. My answer was a blast of arctic wind on my face and a snotty nose. I get it! I know! Cowboy up, soldier up. That which does not break us only makes us stronger.

What's the point of my whining and slight pity party. I really don't have one except that...Men are always known as the stronger sex, but when you step back and look at the big picture who's really holding the rope of life together... frantically running to mend it whenever it tries to frey, slipping, falling, unable to cry through our calluses and never letting go for fear of it will never be picked up and too many depend on us. Our men depend on us and the Country depends on our men. A Little bit of responsibility for a 5'6 fluffy housewife.

There's my one moment of Mars vs Venus. I'm sure I'll be back to my chipper, doot de doo attitude tomorrow. We all have bad days, I just so happened to share mine.

Stay Warm

Cowgirl Lady

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood '09' I'm not having fun.

As I said in the previous post we are flooding. My Cowboy Soldier is in Fargo dealing with the mighty "Red" and I'm trapped at home. Yes, trapped. I promise no exaggeration there, though I do tend to use the writers gift and word things a slightly bit more animated than it might have been but that is my God given right as a writer. I am literally and completely trapped. Sure I could get out of my driveway and head down the road...wait, maybe I couldn't.

The past 24 hours has dumped a bunch of snow on us, so I really can't tell where my driveway ends and my yard begins so possibly, I couldn't make it out of my driveway. Why, you ask, because I know that under all that snow is squishy suck the boots right off your feet mud. I should also mention that all this overland flooding from the fields etc has caused a huge puddle at the end of my driveway which almost muddled in with the overflowing water in my ditch, but count my blessings my culvert opened up (I think) and my ditch drained. Any who, if by chance I did get out of my driveway and onto my little dirt road, I can't make it very far.

If I should decide to turn West, at the end of my driveway, well the road has a huge crack that follows along side the road and if that squishy mud or snow would pull me too far over my tire would go in and Crap! stuck and broke truck. Now, if I didn't get into the crack I'd only make it about half a mile and Oh would you look at that, a flooded field and water over the road. On the other hand, lets say I decide to turn East, well that'll get me about a mile down the road, after battling big ruts slickery mud and washboards that make my teeth chatter together when I drive over them. All and all, I'm still going to run into the same situation though...Oh look a flooded field making a little river running over the stinking road. Now these aren't just little field puddles, these are huge portions or in some cases whole fields filled with so much water that if it was in Minnesota not North Dakota it could be counted as a lake, making Minn. the land of 10,001 lakes.

Now that's my dilemma. I can handle it. I'm not going to lie it really sucks right now. Not that me and the cowboybabies are going to starve or say run out of diapers leaving me 48 hours to fully potty train a 23 month old. Nahhh, got food, got diapers, got toilet paper (that would be really scary). The part that is bugging me is the unknowing. I have no idea how long it's going to take for the water to run off to somewhere besides over my road or soak in, which I highly doubt. The ground is so saturated I'm sure the poor tree roots look all pruney like my toes when I finally get that quiet time to soak in a bubble bath with out the interruption of "MOMMMMM!"

Life on the prairie is definitely a new adventure for me. I'm tough I can handle it.... I think.

Off to play a game with the kiddos.


Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flood 2009. My part of the world is making national news.

Yep, flood. All that record breaking snow we got this winter is leading to record breaking flooding. I personally, along with my cowboy babies are dealing with overland flooding, meaning, fields now look like ponds and lakes and it's rushing over the roads and around farmsteads and towns and making travel near impossible. Trust me I know, I ventured out yesterday to find that my road to the east and west has water rushing over it. Fortunately I live far enough away from the rivers, my closest being about 5 miles, but I sure am not protected from all the over land flooding that's for sure. My house is fine, thus far,the water is still in the ditch.

My other half, received a phone call late Sun. night from his Guard unit and he is now in Fargo battling the mighty Red River. Let me throw some numbers out there to give you an idea of what the big deal about this flooding is. The Red's flood level is 18, it's looking to hit 41+ feet by this weekend, and that level keeps raising.

I have dealt with many a things but this is my first time dealing with flooding. I do believe I am doing pretty good too, minus the crying on the way home last night because trying different directions home and I was still be confronted with flooded roads, I popped it into 4 wheel drive, said a prayer and went through some water running over the road, we made it fine but that's not something I'm planning on doing on a regular basis that for darn sure. I'll take pictures as soon as I can, but my Cowboy Soldier took the camera with him.

I will continue to keep you updated as well as share picture and tell about my oldest's wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Take care and be safe. Keep your head afloat..HA HA.

Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's home, I survived the drive and will return shortly

I'm so sorry It's been weeks since I've wrote. My Cowboy/Soldier is home and has been doing lots of military stuff and family stuff as well as he is a serious computer hog. Not looking forward to spending the money, but will be nice when he finally gets his laptop and can quit hogging the family pc. Geesh, guess that's what I get being married to a handsome Commo. Soldier guy.

He returns back to work shortly so I will be coming back here and filling you in on all the have been going on's around here. Be safe and stay warm, spring can't be too far away...PLEASE don't be too far away spring, I miss you!

Cowgirl Lady

Friday, February 13, 2009

One week till my honey comes home and flowers that confuse me.

One week. The count down is on. The calender has a big daddy comes home and circled with magic marker. Every night a bright pink or army green marker X's out another day closer to Yea! daddy's back. We have almost successfully managed another 6 weeks of daddy being gone, with only minimal minor disasters.

Now the other half of the title of this post... The mystery flowers. don don daaa (mystery music)

At nap time today, the big brown UPS truck came flying down my driveway, no I'm not exaggerating, he apparently wasn't too awfully concerned about a driveway that looks like a skating rink. The little rather grumpy looking feller jumped out to hand me a long green box with Pro Flowers in big letters across the side. Confused I checked the label before he left and sure enough, my name, my address and even my phone number printed on the overnight delivery label. First thought, aww my honey not only had ordered flowers for me on our anniversary but Valentines as well. But, how?

I open the box and in a glass vase, no water... is a bouquet of pink, white and red tulips...I so love tulips..any wildflowers actually. Sorry rose fans, roses are pretty and yes I do like them, but they die so fast and just a bit too snobbish and typical for my taste.

After pulling out the flowers,vase, plant food and directions I noticed a computer card that read "Happy Valentines Mom, Love the names of my boys. After phone calls and text messages I'm still not 100% sure of who the money and ordering behind them are.

I love them, and it was a beautiful surprise. So thank you whoever and my wonderful cowboybabies.

Fresh cut tulips on my table among this slushy, wet, cold and snowy winter is fantastic. It's amazing how much, alive and colorful flowers in the house can perk up the entire atmosphere.

I have the sweetest most handsome Valentines in the world....My Boys!

Happy Valentines, may it be full of love and appreciation for you loved ones.

Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We were ready for some football.

If you hadn't guessed by my littlest imp's shirt, I'm a bit of a Steelers fan. Now, now, no getting ticked, we all have our favorite teams and mine has happen to be the black and gold since I was about the age of my oldest. I had my baby dressed in his jersey only because that cheese head fan of a husband of mine wasn't home as you well know. I did get plenty of harassment starting first thing Sun. morning telling me how bad the Cardinals were going to beat Pittsburgh..blah blah blah.

Game time rolls around and it was Rompa Room Superbowl party time. Pizza, chips, dip, soda, homemade carmel rolls, no I said Rompa Room. I've got it all spread out on a table in the living room. I've got three boys eating and bouncing around. Oldest cheering for as daddy told him..the Cardinals. That husband of mine has gotten my oldest to be a Packer Fan, Middle little most of the time is a Pack fan and they take every chance they get to taunt Mommy. But, since the Pack wasn't playing, Middle little decided Mommy's terrible towel looked like more fun, so now I've got two of three rooting for my team.

Since that cowboy/soldier of mine has been gone we've done an anniversary, a birthday and now the Superbowl without him. You know what, I'm more confident that we are going to be ok for the upcoming deployment. We'll miss him terribly, but our lives will continue on same ole same ole. Besides if it ever gets too hard I've always got this little animal to yell..."g-g-g-GOOOO!" at me and as you can see, he's rather in your face about it. Am I in for a real challenge raising this one. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am no longer going crazy with not knowing.

Just a quick update to the previous post...

That darling, sweet and mildly obnoxious Cowboy Soldier of mine called this morning. He got into Phase 2 of the classes needed for his soldiering.

Where does that leave me? That leaves me a married single mom for three more weeks. I'm optimistic though, the boys have gotten accustomed to daddy being gone, I've got my schedule without him down pretty good, I recently have discovered my limitations of what manly stuff he does around here I can't do.

Yeah, that discovery hurt my head, my bottom and my pride. Lets just, a shovel, an ax and an end result of me flat on my back on the ground with a knot on my head, a sore tail bone, bruised pride and thanking the good lord I didn't impale myself. Please, don't ask me to go into further detail it's just too painful, mostly for my pride.

Wish me luck, three more weeks of a little taste of what the upcoming deployment shall be like. Sigh! Me learning how to be on my own in the middle of winter.

I foresee me giving myself more pep talks.


Cowgirl Lady

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurry up and Wait.

I am one of those odd people that like knowing stuff in advance. I like to have stuff planned and not real good at dealing with a pop up surprise of you have 2 days to have this done. Now let me make something very clear. I am not a control freak and I don't suffer from any disorders, at least I don't think I do. Nope, take a look around my house. Mount washmore is still staring at me. I just don't understand how it is impossible to keep up with laundry, but I've tried, I've made a resolution of it, I've lectured myself and threaten to lock myself in the house till it's done, I've thought about giving up everything but laundry for lent, phew not being catholic saved me from that. I am sad to say all have ended it complete failure. Sigh, I just made myself a little depressed writing about that, I don't like failure, I don't like losing...I blame it entirely on my Zodiac..I'm a Sagittarius.

:::tap tap tap::: Is this thing on or have I completely lost you? Oh OK. All this rambling is going somewhere I promise.

As you well know that barrel chested big forearmed and bigger biceps, drool! Cowboy/Soldier husband of mine has been away to school, learning stuff the military says he needs to know, for three weeks. Now here comes my aggravation point. Originally he was to be gone for 6 weeks for this school. It consists of 2 phases each 3 weeks, you follow? I know if you're math impaired such as me you might have to read that again...I'll give you a second.

Got it? OK. Well apparently somewhere something got fandoogled and he's not sure if he will have phase 2 or not, I'm thinking paperwork got messed up somewhere. Phase 1 ends tomorrow, but he doesn't find out if he has Phase 2 till the class actually starts on Wed. and they see if anyone already enrolled in the class doesn't show up or doesn't have their proper paperwork and he gets bumped into the class. That happens and he'll be gone yet another 3 weeks but this school part will be done. If not he'll fly home, in the next couple days and he'll get the class at a further date. Not too further I'm thinking, because this is a required school and he's deploying this summer. Not thinking about that at this moment.

So here I am...waiting to find out if my honey and father of my blond babes is coming home this week or in 3 weeks. My kids ask, when's daddy coming home and right now I'm going uhhhhhh doot doo doo, I'm not sure. That does not please them, they are like me, they like black and white on the calendar something they can see. I'm sorry my children you had to inherit your mother's..must have all the facts need of information I don't like surprises they make me nervous make me sweat and make me want to bite my nails again which I quit many years ago.

I guess this post didn't really have a point, no funny story, no recipe, no pictures of my children's latest, lets see how many grey hairs we can give mom and see how fast she really can run across the house and hurdle the coffee table. Nope I'm sorry to disappoint this is just a basic I'm cold, frustrated and venting.

I think I need to go eat some Chocolate...maybe I'm being...dare I say it...Girly...Shudder!

Tapping my fingers waiting for info, wishing my postcard from my hubby of the Ghirardelli Factory was edible or is it eatable.

Cowgirl Lady

PS. This little picture has absolutly nothing to do with this post, I just found it and it makes me giggle. Might have something to do with the fact I played with GI Joe's not Barbies. I have a confession I'm 29 years old and have never owned a Barbie doll. I'm thinking that's going to come and bite me in the butt someday as a deep dark reason as to why I am the way I am. Easily therapy for me. I love quick easy solutions.

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Favorite White Bread Recipe

This is one of those recipes I don't even remember where it came from. I do know that it has been perfect from the git-go, I haven't changed anything and this is by far a family favorite around here.

This bread, which derives from an Amish recipe comes out perfect every time. I use it for plain bread but also found the sweetness of the dough makes fantastic carmel rolls.

I think my favorite thing about it is it makes two large loaves, it has a sweeter flavor and it's consistency is sturdy enough to cut and use for sandwiches without being so super heavy you feel like you are walking around with a big dough ball in your tummy. After many a years of homemade bread making (no bread machine here) this is the recipe that has been the biggest hit and has got the most..that's a keeper make it again reviews.


2 cups warm water (about 110 degrees on a candy thermometer)

2/3 cup sugar (1/4 cup for less sweet bread)

1 1/2 Tablespoons dry yeast

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1/4 cup veg. oil

6 cups of flour

Heat the water in a saucepan on the stove, or microwave till near boil. Dissolve the sugar into the water and set aside till you can hold your hand on the side of the pan or bowl or stick your finger in it and it feels a bit warmer than room temp.

Pour the sugar water mixture into whatever bowl you will be making your bread in and add the yeast, mix slightly and let proof. Proof means leave it be for a few minutes and it'll bubble up and become foamy and grow in size.

Add the salt and oil to the proofed yeast mixture and combine.

Mix the flour in 1 cup at a time.

Knead a good 5 minutes on a floured surface, usually doesn't require too much flour, until the dough is nice and elasticy.

Place the kneaded dough ball in a lightly oiled bowl flipping the dough over so it's oiled on the top as well, cover and let rise till doubled. Time varys depending on the warmth of your home and the yeast.

Once dough has doubled punch down and knead again for a couple of minutes. Divide the dough in half and place in two greased loaf pans.

Cover and allow to rise till a couple inches above the top of the pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. It will be golden brown on top.

Allow to cool some and watch your husband and children fight over who gets the heel. Yet those never get eaten in store bought bread. Hmmm

Spread some butter and apple butter on a slice and have yourself a major yum moment.


Cowgirl Lady

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Anniversary Surprise

Nine years ago today, in a tiny little wedding chapel across the road from the courthouse in Winchester, VA. I became the wife of my Cowboy Soldier, then bull riding Cowboy Sailor.

Unknown at the time ,but I'm sure it was destiny, there were two other Winchester weddings many years prior. They were similar to my marriage to that baby faced Sailor soon deploying. We each had very small weddings and nothing flashy. I believe I'm the only one that got married in burgundy velvet though. You see... my grandmother married my grandfather, an Army Special Forces Veteran and then My mother married my father an Army Veteran himself. Little did I know that nine years later I would be the wife of an Army National Guard Soldier. Destiny? I'm convinced of it. I'm also happy to announce that both my parents and grandparents where happy marriages that followed their vows of till death do us part.

My grandma (Ma as I call her ) is one of those, I want a love like that story. Grandpa has been gone since I was a year old and to this day, everything for that house is still in my grandfather's name. When she talks about him she gets that soft take your breath away whisper of unconditional love. He's not Donald or Don when she speaks of him, he's "My Don". "MY" is always spoken before his name. They'd had their up times and down times but always pulled together and made it through, raising 5 kids through everything. I love when I can go home, you can feel the love of a farm wife and military Steel Mill man coursing through the hardwood floors and ever corner has the blood, sweat and tears my Grandparents put into it.

I usually wouldn't say that Cowboy of mine is a romantic. In fact I'm guilty of on more than one occasion saying I married the most unromantic man on the face of the earth. I'm serious. Don't be laughing at me and guys don't be rolling your eyes at me either.

A Cowgirl story time again...

Cowboy and I are dating, we are sitting on a bench at a city park in MD. It's sunset and the reflection of the gold yellow and purple setting sun is on a pond with fountains. We're watching the ducks and swans swim across in happy little couples, I lay my head on his shoulder and he says "Sure wish I had a shotgun." Yep, all this lovely romantic, Hallmark card setting and my sweetheart wishes he had a shotgun because of all the ducks swimming in front of him. For a proposal, I got a lovely red rose with my ring hidden inside and a nervous and shaking cowboy on one knee, trying not to cuss at the gravel he's kneeling on. With a dip in his lip he asks "Do me the honor...Will you be my wife?" After which I try not to giggle at how totally uncomfortable this mushy moment is making him and I say yes. Following my saying yes, was a huge sigh of relief, a kiss and a swat on my bottom going up the steps to the house to tell my mom.

Today at about noon...I got a phone call from the local florist checking to make sure I was home and about 20 minutes later.... These are sitting on my kitchen table.

Besides the flowers which I'll explain in a moment is a card. I open the card and in my darling's handwriting is the words "Even though I'm not physically here, I'm here in heart" signed by my Cowboy soldier. Sigh!

It gets better... there are 3 blue carnations representing out 3 beautiful cowboybabies, 2 white carnations representing, that made me cry today Cowboy Soldier of mine and myself and 9 red carnations one for each year we've been married. All red white blue because of the military family we are. WHAAAAAA, yep water works hit.

Over a month ago before he left for his school in CA, he stopped at the local florist paid for the flowers, filled out the card and arranged for them to be delivered on our anniversary.

So, ladies reading this...Even those, rough around the edges, dragging their knuckles cavemen we married, might not show it often, there is still a romantic in there somewhere. We married them for who they are not what we want to make them, because you see now...instead of getting upset at him wishing for a shotgun, I'll grab my shotgun and go hunting with him (in the wild, not in a city park, had to clarify that.) Walking side by side with my man through a field of wild prairie grass means more to me than walking down a beach after a candle lit dinner. It's time alone, it's togetherness and it's both of us being comfortable. I was me, he was him, and we've grown together to find and make us.

Happy Anniversary Cowboy honey.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Middle Little Is Now 5

Sigh! Yesterday was my middle little's 5th birthday. A day which was spent running around the house singing happy birthday to me, each time the lyrics change into some of the oddest renditions, but hey he's five, all five year olds are odd aren't they? Please tell me they are!

We started out our day with a breakfast of cereal which wasn't what his pallet apparently had in mind so we had to throw an apple in there, followed by a mid morning snack of raisins and a pudding cup. Oh I can feel the health food granola moms shaking their heads at me. I admit it my child had a chocolate pudding cup before noon, in fact in was before 11, what a rebel I am. I'm not ashamed, it's got milk, it's part of the dairy category. He enjoyed it and he'd have had it even if it wasn't his birthday which it was so HA.

After a lunch of Alphabet soup..thank you Campbell's, he got a phone call from Daddy. Super Soldier Daddy, who's away to school and wishes so badly he could be there for his birthday but promises of a party when he gets home next month. OK, all better. Amazing how the visions of two birthdays can pick a kid up and make Daddy being gone not seem so bad. Wow kids are easy sometimes. Must remember, party's solve boo hoo's.

What a lovely day it was, 20 degrees, ABOVE zero. Did you see that, I'll do it was 20 degrees ABOVE ZERO. Can you hear the Hallelujah choir of angels singing when I say that. I Bundle up the kids, shiped em outside and a couple of hours of sledding down our ginormous pile of snow...thanks Wyatt. I also have some lovely half completed snow construction sites around my property, but the kids union had to quit for the day do to Tonka Truck tires be packed too full of snow and the thought of Hot Chocolate. I'm really going to have to read the small print of those union contracts more carefully.

After a rather plain supper of spaghetti, hey it's what he wanted, it was presents and cake time. Ah yes, the cake. The cake was bit different than the average 5 yr. olds cake, but does that really surprise you that my children pick something a tad out of the ordinary. I am the mother of Capt. Pickles, the scientist who convinced Dad to prick his finger to look at Dad's Army blood under his microscope and a baby who's whole world revolves around jumping 1/2 an inch off the ground to bounce in the oddest kangaroo + bunny + looking like you just burnt your feet yet not bending our knees kinda bounding in a straight line across the kitchen. Quite a sight to see I must say.

You see since about two months ago after breakfast at Denny's and pancakes with cherry pie fillings, that darling pumpkin headed middle little of mine has been on a cherry kick. Not real cherries, like bing cherries on the stem, NOOO canned cherry pie filling. So, the birthday cake with 5 candles was actually a cherry cheesecake..heavy on the cherries. I really do wonder if what you do when nursing your child has an affect. My three days in the hospital after having the little feller via c-section the OB ward always gave us nursing moms snacks, not just ice cream and home baked pies and sandwiches and pretty much anything else we wanted. Well, safe to say, I went on a major pie kick. Cowboy and I ate more pie those three days in the hospital that I think I might eat in average year. Cause for my child's love of pie and at the moment pie fillings..HMMMM.

It was a good day, we were missing that barell chested Cowboy of ours...but that's something we are getting accustomed to and going to continue to. Deployment this summer and no Cowboy for any birthdays and holidays for a year. We bucked up and managed.

I am now the mommy of an 8 year old , 5 year old and 21 month old. SIGH! Once school starts in the fall I'm only going to have one babe home with me. I'm not going to think about that right now, I'll think about that tomorrow (channeling Scarlet O'Hara again).

Hug those babies of yours, they really do grow up way too fast. Oh and grab some cherry pie filling while you're at it, you know you want too. Sprinkle some granola on it and make it healthy. Sorry that was my muffin tops talking again.

Thinking about cherry cheesecake for lunch, damn those muffin tops.

Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Fourty Below ..and I don't give a *&!...Name that song

I'm snowed in and it's beyond COLD.

Since the beginning of Dec. it has been a regular occurrence to have a winter storm every weekend. Well apparently January has decided that it must 1 up good ole December like an attention getting sibling. So instead of winter storms they are upgrading to blizzards and negative temps.

Let me take this moment to explain negative temps and windchill. Temperature is how cold it is outside, read the thermometer. Windchill is how cold it feels. I don't know where it comes from. I imagine there is some scientific thingy to it. I prefer to think of it as some poor guy who ticked off one too many people stealing their parking places at the mall, not getting up on the subway and giving his seat to a pregnant woman carrying groceries and a screaming two year or just one of the rude guys who can't understand what it means to have an inside voice while on his cell phone. His punishment is as follows.. getting woke up in the morning out of his soft flannel sheets by two thugs wearing down filled parkas and thrown outside in the elements. Jumping up and down the fool yells "holy shit it's got be 40 below out here." hence windchill factor -40.

Yes, I'm in an odd mood. Be warned posts might be on the warped side for a bit.

Now, me being the sweet, darling and just plain cute east coast southern gal that I am. I was used to having my place of solice and way too much fun...the ocean. I miss the ocean. For people who haven't been used to smelling the salt in the air, the sand under your feet and between your toes, oh and the the water splashing on the back of the tub when hurricane baby RJ plays with rubber ducks and boats, add in the squawk of sea gulls and thunder turned down to almost mute. The ocean gets into your soul. It becomes a part of you, it calls and pulls for you and when unable to accept its open invitation its the urge not fed like having breast fed a infant suckling for a year and hearing a newborn cry similar to your own child's wee whimper. (sorry guys.) Just imagine the perfect 10 by 10, velvet covered rack, broad shouldered buck and it being 15 minutes after the closing of deer season. Not quite the same..but hey I tried.

It's been five years since my soul mate of the earth ...the ocean, has ran it's sea wind hands through my hair and splashed mist on my face. I miss it more than I thought I would. I live in the wild wide open prairie, I'm surrounded by nature day in day out, but I have yet to find something that gets to me the way the ocean does. All this snow and cold sure isn't helping any either... I try to think warm thoughts and what do I get...

My North Dakota Ocean front property. A Sea of Snow.

Post note.. the normal flat snow is well over my knees, the drifts are anywhere from butt deep to over my head. Do they make life preserver to keep you from sinking and drowning in snow? Hmmm!

Cuddle your loved one and be warm

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Soldier's Gone and Winter Doesn't Like Me

I'm going to give you fair warning, this is a post that most likely I'll be whining and possibly have self-pity.

On Sunday morning, I might add the buttcrack of dawn after a huge winter storm. We once again had to drive that hunky cowboy soldier of mine to the airport to hop a flight to California for the next six weeks. Yeah, I know, California...sometimes life's just not fair. Anywho, after staying up till after midnight, gathering, folding and packing him for his next soldier must go away expedition we went to bed to wake up to a buzzing alarm clock at 3 am. Why so early you ask, because over a foot of snow had just fallen and the wind was causing drifts everywhere and his flight left at 6:55 am in the city. We made it there in one piece, got him checked in, hugs kisses and little tikes attached to my leg, we left the airport.

I climbed in the truck, trying not to shake and giving myself a good hearty pep talk that I could do this. "I'm an army wife now, I had to soldier up and face my fear head on, be a warrior. I could drive these winter roads myself, I could get me and three little cowboy cargoes home in one piece without ending up in the ditch somewhere in -32 wind chills." Oh and yes, I was talking to myself. Don't you judge me. It was dark, I was in the running truck at a tiny airport and if any one saw me hopefully they thought I was talking to one of the kiddos falling asleep behind me.

Let me explain something quick. I don't winter drive. Nope, Nuh Uh, haven't done it in YEARS. Up until a month ago, if it even started flurrying outside, Cowboy would have to drive. When I was a fresh out of high school teen I was traveling around an "S" curve (no i wasn't speeding to all you men who assume that) and my car fish tailed, went into the ditch and I had a double concussion as well as was paralyzed from the waist down for a bit and limping in pain when I did get my legs back for a what seemed like forever. I got scared, I lost all my confidence in my driving and I haven't driven snow since....till last month, when my hubby ever so nicely and gently started teaching and guiding me and for the first time I didn't buck him on it because I knew he was leaving for these couple months and deploying this summer for a year so it was inevitable. I needed to drive all the seasons.

Thank the good lordy I am happy to announce I got myself and the cowbabies home safe, sound and in one piece...the truck too. Though I did do something for the first time... I had to go drift busting to get down my road. That my dears is both thrilling and frightening at the same time. It did take me double the time it usually takes to come home from the city, but I'll be a granny driver when I'm not comfortable with the traction under my tires, go around me and pay me no mind.

All this lovely blabbing of mine was about Sunday. Today is Friday and once again, just like every weekend since the beginning of Dec. We are having a winter storm. I am not going out in it. I won't and you can't make me. I was smart, I knew it was coming. The kids and I packed up went to town, I grabbed some groceries and diapers and I am hunkered down in my cozy little prairie home and not leaving till the storm passes, the road grater scrapes all the snow and drifts blocking my road and the plows sprinkle some sort of stuff on the main roads.

Current Mood: I miss my Cowboy Soldier..I miss seeing the ground...I really don't think snow is pretty anymore.... I just know all this snow is going to lead to some bad flooding this spring and yet, I'm sorta proud of myself for bucking up and doing what I have to do.

I'm off to grab a blankie a cup of hot tea and watch a movie with my kiddos.

Stay Warm and Drive safe

Hooah ~ Cowgirl Lady

PS...the kids like the snow, especially the huge Snow pile getting bigger each time the driveway gets scraped. Yes, those are our two dogs playing in the snow and trying to sled ride I might add.