Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy belated Turkey day. I hope everyone had a good day and besides being the national day of gluttony. I hope everyone had their friends and family close and were thankful for something besides a day off work.

What am I thankful for? When asked at the dinner table yesterday my oldest son piped up for me before I even got a chance..."kids". LOL. Out of the mouth of babes. Yes, I am ever so thankful for my children, but I am also thankful to have my rough rider Cowboy home.

Yesterday was the beginning of the bitter-sweet holidays, because we know the chair at the head of the table will be empty next year along with a piece of our hearts. We make the best, enjoy the moments we have and hold onto those moments to get us through the tough times. It does make me stop and think of all the wives, husbands, mothers, father and kiddos who's loved one is deployed this holiday season. Keep the faith that each day they are gone is a day closer to them coming home. My heart goes out to you and I wish you all happy holidays and peace and comfort.

A moment of thinking aloud......

What's for dinner tonight? Blahhh HA HA. Like I'm actually going to cook tonight. Leftovers it is. If anyone does have any good recipes for smoked turkey it would be appreciated. I'm not a big fan of turkey salad and not quite sure how smoked turkey would be in a turkey pot pie..hmm. So, dig in your recipe box and give it up. I mean that in the nicest bossy way.

Oh yea....Happy shopping, may the discount fairy sprinkle lots of black Friday savings dust on you.

Have a great weekend.


Cowgirl Lady

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tots and GI Joe

This picture tickles me to no extent and makes me feel sorry for any bad guys who ever cross this boy...because if he can't kick your butt he's going to have you on the ground laughing uncontrollably.

All sit down grab a blankie and a lovey it's story time...

Every since that roughrider cowboy of mine stepped off the plane and started giving me hot flashes in his ACU's (sorry but I like the ACU's better than the Navy Blues. Sorry squids, but you will still always be dear to me) Even before we made it home from the airport and big city, our boys, mostly focusing on the older two, have been fascinated with all the gear, cloths and everything else he came home with in two duffel bags and two huge boxes. Now take into consideration, they own GI Joe's, they have for a while, we have helicopter, tanks, humvee's and more little green army men than I care to recall because they are hell on the feet and vacuum. But now things have picked up to a new level of mini military in my house.

Now, Dad's a real GI Joe, so when it's playtime of we are in the Army, not only is it just little tots on the floor with all their plastic soldiers and equipment, now we have marching, along with military cadence I might add, we have ranks, and heaven forbid one should get out of line, then we have Jr. drill instructor in your face. Nothing is funnier that watching a four year old Yell "UP....DOWNNN..." while his brother and in one case his FATHER does push-ups.

Battle had been getting pretty fierce and poor middle little who is on the clutsy side anyway, had fallen one too many time so it was time for Cowboy to break out the big gear. Upon seeing how cute those chubby cheeks where in his helmet Cowboy decided he needed a new pic for his myspace and went about the deed of lifting and placing the soldier jr in his boots and shirt which was a challenge on it's own... if you gave the child the slightest nudge he would tip over sorta resembling cow tipping for all the country folks out there, bit of knowledge for you, being in dad's boots was hard enough, but that helmet is HEAVY and thank the good lord for it because that pumpkin head is always the first thing to hit the floor.

So... there he is, dad's boots, shirt and helmet, trying not to move and tip over like a weeble wobble who will fall down. Cowboy darling is chuckling and snapping pictures when he tells him in a stern but loving voice "Give me your war face boy" That was it I was done, when the duck lips puckered up for his war face I was cow tipping over myself on the floor as poor cowboy is trying to snap the picture while shaking from laughter. Reason #312 to have kids... laughter and entertainment non stop!

You see, Welcome to my world, my tot-military and the mess hall that had better have chicken nuggets and chocolate pudding.

Nap time's almost over so I'm off for my next adventure in motherhood. Wish me luck and cover my back.


Cowgirl Lady

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cranberry Cake Recipe

My latest and most recent favorite recipe would come from a darling little cookbook from a tiny little rural school in WY. I just happen to know the writer of the recipe too. She's a very dear, very feisty, kick butt Rancher/Ranch wife in you guessed it WY. Oh yeah she's a close friend of mine which could be because she's Cowboy's Aunt and kinda unbiological Mom. Thank You Jodi.

Do not go running away scared because this recipe is about Cranberries.

I know I know, they are tart and cause funny faces and tingles on the pallet, but surprisingly for the amount of them in this recipe it's not a pucker up your lips and give you the shivers type of taste. It's sweet and not overpowering and has just a kick of the tart when you need it to keep this from being too overly sweet. You know what I'm trying to say here, come on, I'm not a culinary writer.

So, since Thanksgiving is a week away this would be ideal for say breakfast, or the munchy table for your guests to munch on while waiting for you to hurry up and make the gravy so they can eat. It's more along the lines of a coffee cake than and actual cake cake so I think a fork is optional here.

I just served it with Coffee out in the barn to the guys working this weekend and didn't even individualy plate. Just cut it in bars and take a plate out to the fellas. I love finger foods, less dishes for me..YEA!

Alrighty, enough chit ya go. Don't be scared, Cowgirl Up and give it a try!

Cranberry Cake

3 eggs
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup butter (softened)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups flour
2 1/2 cups ground cranberries ( buy a bag of fresh cranberries in the produce section and grind them in the food processor)

Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

Beat eggs with sugar till slightly thickened and light in color. Add the butter and vanilla and mix some more till well combined, about 2 minutes. Stir in the flour until just combined. Stir in the cranberries.

(the whole bag of cranberries ground gave me about 3 cups, we like cranberries so I added them all, if you don't want the extra cranberry flavor just add the 2.5 cups)

Spread the batter into a greased 13x9 inch pan. Bake at 350 for about 45-50 minutes. Cake is done when a toothpick comes out clean.

Cool and serve as is or top with whipped cream or this is one you can really experiment with and see what a good topper is. I think a little drizzle of a powder sugar glaze would be good on this as well.

Enjoy! I fully intend to be munching of this with a big ole cup of coffee while watching the Macy's Parade on Turkey Day.

Much Love,

Cowgirl Lady

Thursday, November 13, 2008

WHAT? Thanksgiving in two weeks! UHG

I just realized upon looking at the calender that we have a mere two weeks till Thanksgiving. Where is the time going. Besides marching straight across my body...hello muffin tops, grey hair and ghetto booty.

Thanksgiving in two weeks, good grief that means I need to realize Christmas is coming. Oh dear, Christmas. I'm not ready I tell you. I'm not ready for it. I haven't even considered the idea of shopping. Ick, Uhgg, Shopping. I'm also dealing with the notion would it be weird of me to get a little more in the FA LA LA LA LA mood knowing that my dear darling hubby isn't going to be home next Christmas.

I know there I go back to the upcoming deployment. I can't help it. It's been a long time since the last deployment and I'm older and maybe wiser....well nahh, no need to exaggerate that much.

I've done six month deployments, twice! This is going to be a year though and with the kids being older I'm under the thinking that maybe I should make the holidays a bit more pizzazzy. I know it's not going to make it any easier while he's gone but perhaps it will make some extras memories we can recall and ha ha about next year.

For being a veteran/old pro military wife you'd swear I'm a newbie to this.

So, any suggestions besides the typical cookies for Santa, wake up open presents stay in PJ's half the day and terrorize the house with new toys; and that's just cowboy...HA HA. Seriously though...what does a 31 yr old Cowboy/Soldier ask for for Christmas? A big remote controlled John Deere tractor that's what. LOL. See now you under stand why I say I'm raising FOUR boys.

I love him though, can't help it, how can you not be twitterpated with a guy who text messages you good morning beautiful most mornings while away to training/playing soldier. Besides he's kinda cute.

PSSTTT!!!! He's the one on the RIGHT, being as the other is a female, hopefully you figured that out already I would sure hope anyway.


Cowgirl Lady

Thursday, November 6, 2008

He's home and me on a soapbox again.

He's home. Which I'm sure ya'll have figured and technically he's been home over two weeks, but if you've read the previous post you know my computer completely pooped out on me. It was a very very sad day in mudville. Come on, most people can't live without their pc and I am no exception.

I am so ashamed of myself. I have no pictures of picking up Cowboy at the airport. No pics of seeing him come down the stairs in his ACU's (camo uniform they wear) all clean shaven and skinnier. I didn't recognize him the first moment I saw him, he has had a mustache as long as I have known him, but it wasn't hard to figure out that it was him when you consider it's after midnight in a little Fargo airport, he's the only man in uniform and got that big intoxicating grin of his waving at the boys.

It's a little different him being in the military now compared to when he was before. We lived in a military area and nobody gave a second look or thought to a man in uniform. Now, everywhere he goes it's handshakes and thank you's, can I buy you a drink etc. Even at the airport he came down the stairs looking all hot as anything in his uniform, hugged the kids and gives me a kiss and I notice an elderly woman get teary eyed as she watches us.

This is really going to take some getting used to. Don't get me wrong, I think it's wonderful all the support for the troops and the thank yous and attention. God knows our servicemen and women deserve it, but I can't help but feel bad for the Vietnam Vets. They were treated so horrendously. Why? That too was a war most didn't agree with and yet our troops are supported now.

On the topic of Vietnam Vets and Vets in general. I'm now going to get on my soapbox for a moment. This wonderful country of ours has a horrific problem that most aren't even aware of let alone giving a crap about because of the damm every things about me I must have everything and screw anybody else attitude.

Over 1/3 of homeless in this country are VETERANS!!!!

Stop and chew on that for a moment. You can serve your country, you can lay down your life go through hell and injuries to the mind, body and spirit and we just give you a big shrug off and not another thought of what became of you when your enlistment ended. It's a disgrace, it's disgusting, heart wrenching and completely unacceptable.

Everyone knows that the country is going through we must not utter the word "recession" but how about the folks that things where tough before this. What of them?

Veteran's Day is soon to be here and as we do every year, I will be taking my children to the Veterans home to have breakfast with the Vets. To thank them, to show our appreciation and to let my children know that these brave men are still here and these are the men you need to look up to in this world, not Hollywood stars who can rant and rave about a war because they are bored and yet I dare any of them to put on Kevlar leave their plush life and serve something greater than themselves.

This Veterans day, please remember what it really is for...not just another day off school or work, remember a Vet. is not just someone serving their country now, that just because the uniform is off the respect and appreciate SHOULD NOT end.

As I'm sure you can tell this is something I am extremely passionate about. Shouldn't we all be?

Hugs and stay warm,

Cowgirl Lady