Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flood '09' and Spring '09' Continues

I think I'm beginning to cave under the stress/pressure.

It has been 9 days since I've been flooded in and in those, usually not a problem being a married single mom 9 days, I've had Cowboy in Cammie's go to Fargo to assist with the Red River flooding, I've had two snow storms, every exit route (meaning dirt roads) from my house have been either flooded over or washed out, my oldest cowboybaby has missed school the whole time,my beagle keeps getting out of his kennel no matter what Gerry rigging or attempted carpentry I do and the guy who usually comes and pushes the snow out of my driveway so I can get out, his tractor broke.

I think I've done really quite well being flooded in. I've had the supplies I've needed. We have had to... stretch milk a bit, I've been baking all the bread and I am out of body wash and shampoo, but bar soap and baby shampoo works too. I'm counting my blessings, I have toilet paper, diapers, baby wipes and bottled water left. My house and truck isn't flooded, the sump pump is hooked up and ready to go for whenever the frost decides to let loose and my basement starts flooding like crazy, and my boys are happy and playing like nothing out of the ordinary is going on.

Today, after I thought I'd successfully fixed the beagle getting out (he'd stayed in all day yesterday) I heard my big lovable Vizsla barking and sure enough my fat little rolly polly beagle is out running through the snow drifts. At that point when my heart started racing and I could feel the tears starting to well up I realized... I'm not super woman after all.

Once again pep talk to myself again time...Cowgirl's don't cry, the boys can't see you cry, keep the attitude at the house positive, you can't fall apart..it's forbidden, you're the mom, the wife, you must keep it together at all times. Sigh! and I did, not a single tear made it's escape down my cheeks from the pools of stress and frustration that had puddled up in the corners of my eyes.

I hate ego busters. Not like I go around bragging what a great military wife I am or anything. I don't walk around with a chip on my shoulder, but that is the one aspect of my life I'd believed I'd kept on a path of continued success since I'd married the barrel chested love of my life in early 2000. For pity sake I've been through 2 deployments, too many to count work ups, schools, and training that left me waving goodbye with at least one babe on my hip.

I prided myself in knowing that when my darling had to be away, he wouldn't have to worry about back home He'd have the assurance that I could and would handle anything that was needed of me. A distracted soldier is a dead soldier. Yeah, I know, but something you have to learn.

I wasn't issued in his duffel bag, it's country and state first and we get him the leftover time. Come on woman pull yourself together, you've gone through surgery, a move, hospitalized children, house repairs, and family issues while he's away.

I've excepted where I rank, I'm fine with that. Oh but, a newly found weakness in myself had me ready to drop to my knees in the 12+ feet of snow throw my hands up and cry that I want my Cowboy!! I can't do this anymore, I can't be the housewife and mom, as well as the muscles and handyman. For once could the planets line up that when shit happens it's not while he's away. My answer was a blast of arctic wind on my face and a snotty nose. I get it! I know! Cowboy up, soldier up. That which does not break us only makes us stronger.

What's the point of my whining and slight pity party. I really don't have one except that...Men are always known as the stronger sex, but when you step back and look at the big picture who's really holding the rope of life together... frantically running to mend it whenever it tries to frey, slipping, falling, unable to cry through our calluses and never letting go for fear of it will never be picked up and too many depend on us. Our men depend on us and the Country depends on our men. A Little bit of responsibility for a 5'6 fluffy housewife.

There's my one moment of Mars vs Venus. I'm sure I'll be back to my chipper, doot de doo attitude tomorrow. We all have bad days, I just so happened to share mine.

Stay Warm

Cowgirl Lady

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood '09' I'm not having fun.

As I said in the previous post we are flooding. My Cowboy Soldier is in Fargo dealing with the mighty "Red" and I'm trapped at home. Yes, trapped. I promise no exaggeration there, though I do tend to use the writers gift and word things a slightly bit more animated than it might have been but that is my God given right as a writer. I am literally and completely trapped. Sure I could get out of my driveway and head down the road...wait, maybe I couldn't.

The past 24 hours has dumped a bunch of snow on us, so I really can't tell where my driveway ends and my yard begins so possibly, I couldn't make it out of my driveway. Why, you ask, because I know that under all that snow is squishy suck the boots right off your feet mud. I should also mention that all this overland flooding from the fields etc has caused a huge puddle at the end of my driveway which almost muddled in with the overflowing water in my ditch, but count my blessings my culvert opened up (I think) and my ditch drained. Any who, if by chance I did get out of my driveway and onto my little dirt road, I can't make it very far.

If I should decide to turn West, at the end of my driveway, well the road has a huge crack that follows along side the road and if that squishy mud or snow would pull me too far over my tire would go in and Crap! stuck and broke truck. Now, if I didn't get into the crack I'd only make it about half a mile and Oh would you look at that, a flooded field and water over the road. On the other hand, lets say I decide to turn East, well that'll get me about a mile down the road, after battling big ruts slickery mud and washboards that make my teeth chatter together when I drive over them. All and all, I'm still going to run into the same situation though...Oh look a flooded field making a little river running over the stinking road. Now these aren't just little field puddles, these are huge portions or in some cases whole fields filled with so much water that if it was in Minnesota not North Dakota it could be counted as a lake, making Minn. the land of 10,001 lakes.

Now that's my dilemma. I can handle it. I'm not going to lie it really sucks right now. Not that me and the cowboybabies are going to starve or say run out of diapers leaving me 48 hours to fully potty train a 23 month old. Nahhh, got food, got diapers, got toilet paper (that would be really scary). The part that is bugging me is the unknowing. I have no idea how long it's going to take for the water to run off to somewhere besides over my road or soak in, which I highly doubt. The ground is so saturated I'm sure the poor tree roots look all pruney like my toes when I finally get that quiet time to soak in a bubble bath with out the interruption of "MOMMMMM!"

Life on the prairie is definitely a new adventure for me. I'm tough I can handle it.... I think.

Off to play a game with the kiddos.


Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flood 2009. My part of the world is making national news.

Yep, flood. All that record breaking snow we got this winter is leading to record breaking flooding. I personally, along with my cowboy babies are dealing with overland flooding, meaning, fields now look like ponds and lakes and it's rushing over the roads and around farmsteads and towns and making travel near impossible. Trust me I know, I ventured out yesterday to find that my road to the east and west has water rushing over it. Fortunately I live far enough away from the rivers, my closest being about 5 miles, but I sure am not protected from all the over land flooding that's for sure. My house is fine, thus far,the water is still in the ditch.

My other half, received a phone call late Sun. night from his Guard unit and he is now in Fargo battling the mighty Red River. Let me throw some numbers out there to give you an idea of what the big deal about this flooding is. The Red's flood level is 18, it's looking to hit 41+ feet by this weekend, and that level keeps raising.

I have dealt with many a things but this is my first time dealing with flooding. I do believe I am doing pretty good too, minus the crying on the way home last night because trying different directions home and I was still be confronted with flooded roads, I popped it into 4 wheel drive, said a prayer and went through some water running over the road, we made it fine but that's not something I'm planning on doing on a regular basis that for darn sure. I'll take pictures as soon as I can, but my Cowboy Soldier took the camera with him.

I will continue to keep you updated as well as share picture and tell about my oldest's wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Take care and be safe. Keep your head afloat..HA HA.

Cowgirl Lady

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

He's home, I survived the drive and will return shortly

I'm so sorry It's been weeks since I've wrote. My Cowboy/Soldier is home and has been doing lots of military stuff and family stuff as well as he is a serious computer hog. Not looking forward to spending the money, but will be nice when he finally gets his laptop and can quit hogging the family pc. Geesh, guess that's what I get being married to a handsome Commo. Soldier guy.

He returns back to work shortly so I will be coming back here and filling you in on all the have been going on's around here. Be safe and stay warm, spring can't be too far away...PLEASE don't be too far away spring, I miss you!

Cowgirl Lady