Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blog on hold for a little while longer.

That cowboy of mine is home, he has been for a week. Then why haven't I written to inform ya'll of his being back on North Dakota soil and the tear jerking homecoming (not really).... my computer pooped out on me that's why. Sitting here uploading some pictures my honey took while in Santa Fe and there's a power surge and my computer will not turn back on. Whaaaaaaaaaa! I'm writing on a super old slowwwwww pc that has no memory and has no will power to do anything that I ask it. God provided and the crick don't flood I'll be getting a new "puter" this weekend. Till then. Hugs my dears and Happy Halloween. Pictures and fill in of the past couple weeks coming next week.

Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Week Till My Cowboy Soldier Is Home Again.

We have now entered the final week of that Cowboy who is so missed returning from his six weeks of training. I will admit I even surprised myself with how well I have done though. It only took a day for me to get back in the swing of being a military wife who's man is gone making me a married single mom of three little cowboys.

I was worried that it would be harder than it was seeing as its been almost 5 yrs since Combat Boot Cowboy was in the military. At that time having one child, and now we have three. I must admit that was un-nerving. You throw in the fact that I now live in the middle of nowhere ND, which if you've ever driven through our gorgeous state you know is 90% of the state, I can honestly say it almost scared the bejeebers out of me. Yay me, I adjusted so well I even impressed myself. I so love when I can impress myself. Nothing is so gratifying as patting yourself on the back and saying damn girl I did not know you could do that so well, you really deserve some reward for being so wonderful. My reward has yet to be awarded.

1 week till he gets home. Am I making any special preparations? Nahhhhh. It's only been six weeks. Having my cooking to eat again and stories from a 8 yr old and a 4 yr old, not to mention an 18 month old who talks like crazy should be more than enough homecoming festivity. I am crossing my fingers and toes that the weather mellows out though, all except that little decimal I have for a pinkie toe, it just will not cooperate with anything, it's my rebel toe. Right now the lovely weather on the prairie of ND is non-stop rain mixed with near freezing temps and hitting below freezing with in the next couple nights. Sigh!

I'm not ready. Just a week ago we were in the 70's my snap dragons where bursting with new blooms and I had the windows open. Now I still need to put storm windows in, get the grill in the garage for next year, batten down the hatches and I need my man home to help with some of the joys of preparing for winter. So... old man winter you'd better stay west and leave us alone a few more weeks. PLEASE I beg from the bottom of a military wife's heart.

P.S. Just talked to my best girl buddy in WY, they just got bombed with a foot and a half of snow this weekend. Uhhhggg! Sun. 12 Oct.