Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring before deployment

Spring has sprung er sprang maybe come or came...you know what I mean regardless of how I phrase it.

The flooding has passed, sandbags and clay dikes are being removed. The rivers are finally going back in their banks and ground water is slowly very slowly evaporating or flowing away in the nearest creek if possible. There is still water water everywhere but the farmers are making the best of it and planting where they can what they can and hoping for the best.

Deployment prep is officially underway...ha ha funny (Navy and CG wives will understand). Got my power of attorney (don't let him leave the country without you having it) Got my info into the FSG/FRG (family support group/family readiness group), hmm what else, Got Skype. Skype! oh let me tell you about Skype. {Hallelujah choir sings}

Skype is officially my latest greatest thing since sliced bread product. Skype is this online talk to each other phone thingy...you need a computer, Internet ... I know you have it, I'm not a figment of your imagination... you need a good mic and preferably a webcam. You log on, your friends see you are on they call you and you can either just talk to each via microphone, or talk and watch each other if you have a webcam.

Mental note. you don't push a button to talk, it's constant (like talking on a normal phone) so the other person hears everything...so take some Beano and don't drink burpy soda's , and try not to yell at your children thinking the other person won't hear you, they will.

I don't recommend telling your spouse..oh my look how bad Jonny Ray looks he's really aged bad, your friend will hear you and probably run away crying, swearing never to get on cam again. He'll lose the chance he had of hooking up with Ellie Sue his pre-destined soul mate, on one of those online date sights. All because you made him too self conscious, you big meanie!

Just saying, no offense to any Jonny Ray's out there.

That barrel chested, bulging muscled armed Cowboy Soldier of mine, is away in Bismark yesterday and today so we decided to test out the almighty Skype. Kids are fed, bathed and ready for night night, Cowboy Yummy is checked into his hotel room all relaxed for the night, we are signed in... so he calls.

We chose to converse via webcam also and it went splendid, we see him and he sees us, we talk and giggle and make faces at each other, blow kisses, the baby even picked his nose for daddy. Nothing says I miss you like a 2 yr old both fingers knuckle deep in his nose and laughing his little butt off at how funny he sounds when he talks while booger fishing.

Did I mention Skype is free. Well, calling computer to computer is free. You can pay a small fee and be able to call normal phones using it too. No I have not been paid by the Skype people, they don't even know of my existence, I just wanted to share one of my deployment thingys.

Oh how I wish we had this years ago, many of deployments and underways ago. Nope, I was in the era of occasional emails, snail mail and land line phone calls home. I went weeks, and months without hearing from my man...Gasp..I even survived and wasn't a total wreck.

So there's my rambling on Skype. Now that deployment prep is really starting I'll be sure to share any other new things I'm trying.

Now go outside and enjoy the sun. Oh sun, hello my friend, oh how I've missed you, warm my cold feet.

Till next time...hopefully back on a regular schedule.

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady