Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm Alive, I haven't fell off the face of the Earth.

Yes I'm alive, no I didn't fall of the face of the Earth and the plot thickens... my darling Soldier only did part of his deployment.

Last I left you, I had moved to the new house and was dealing with and getting into the swing of my husband was deployed, I just did a move by myself, I now had 2 kids in school not 1 and besides the every two month my hubby was gone for some sort of school and training it had been five years since the last deployment, five years and 2 more kids later, it was here the deployment had begun, he was in Germany for some more training and preparations before heading to Kosovo.

We were settled in, the kids had gotten into the swing of daddy was gone, he would call when he could but we were just fine on our own. We laughed together, we cried together, but we were together and clung to each other and life was going on. Then someone hit the brakes..I guess in a way I did.

For the past year I had been in extreme pain, I had been having severe girly issues and yet like I always do, like I'm sure many wives and moms do I pushed it aside, because I could manage. My soldier and kids needed me, I had too much to do, too many things going on and too many depending on me to be sick. Not me, I have super powers or so I thought, but my own body was my kryptonite.

End of October, when I was in so much pain I couldn't get out of the bath tub and had let things go enough that I was pale and anemic I made a Dr.'s appointment, and then the chaos really began.

Test, exams, blood work, more tests, ultra sound, a lump here, tenderness there, the whole time, when hubby calls on Skype I act like nothing is wrong. You don't worry a soldier who's away. Well, that was my plan anyway. My new Dr. had different ideas, such as beginning of Nov. I'm scheduled for Thanksgiving time a hysterectomy, as well as other stuff, because tests results showed the presence of pre-cancer cells, and some tests aren't reliable because my Endo. would interfere with the results. So I was warned that this was a very serious, very high risk surgery, not able to give me a full idea of what to expect because there was no way of knowing till she got in there how bad it was. Then depending on what she found would determine treatments to follow after surgery. BAM! I just had a complete bomb dropped on my lap. What happened next was so quick and fluid I didn't have time to full grasp it until I was at the airport late one night with my soldier holding me, telling me we'd get through this. My Dr. had sent a Red Cross request and his command had decided best he's home, and that was that, they handled it all, he was home for the rest of the deployment.

I had the surgery and it went well, after waiting for results, I'm cancer free. It took a long while to heal. More was needed than just a hysterectomy, so I had a long recovery ahead of me, but with my support sisters (military wives) and my family beside me I did fine.

That was Thanksgiving this is just after Easter. I am off all my restrictions, I am pretty much back to normal. After helping the family do some Spring cleaning on the yard I did discover I'm not able to shovel and lift and push and pull completely yet. I'm optimistic though.

So... there ya go. Now I'll get back to our regularly, errr try to be regular scheduled blog.

Be thankful everyday for what you have, hold your children and family close, you never know when a single Dr. appt could change the entire outlook and attitude you have in life.

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