Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Mess!

Flooding has subsided but not completely gone.

Fargo and the Red River has already crested a second time, started going down and now they are removing the sandbags and dikes. I would like to take a moment to step on my soapbox yet again. Don't roll your eyes at me, young lady/man.

I believe, that the rest of the Nation can learn a valuable lesson from the city of Fargo. A lesson of pride in what you have, neighbor helping neighbor, stepping up and doing yourself what needs to be done, instead of sitting back waiting for someone else to do it and then crying when it's not done the way you want.

Come on people get with it. The city of Fargo, battled the worst flood in history, and they did it with their heads held high, optimism, a fighting pioneer spirit and a belief in themselves that by damn, we will get this done. If it turns for the worst, we aren't giving up, we are going down swinging.

Kudos to you Fargo, you give me faith and hope in mankind again. In a city with a population of less than 100,000 people, 80,000 people sandbagged. Yes, some where National Guard, but none the less those are some impressive numbers. Way to step up, Fargo. For being an implant you make me proud to say I'm in North Dakota now.

That said... I am really tired of water. I have known water, as in the salty oceanic type. I've seen the power of hurricane and waves. Holy cow, is overland water a destructive force that should not be messed with. In a matter of overnight, no water can go to five feet at your doorstep and it can have some pretty strong currents too.

Example A

That is just plain overland flooding, that's a field, there was no creek or little river there, it was NOT somebodies small pond. That is a corn field that is now 4-5 feet deep.

Example B

That's my road about 2.5 miles to the west. On either side is also supposed to be fields. Once again, just fields... not creeks and rivers. Amazing huh. Scary too. Pictures just doesn't show how deep a hole that is and how wide that road is washed out, all the little whirlpools in it and just how blooming fast that water is running.

Example C

Yes, this is minor, but close to my heart. Why you ask...because that's my barn in the background. These are all examples of why I have to drive my son back and forth to school everyday because the buses are not aloud to run on gravel roads as well as why 150 roads in my county are closed.

We will survive this, we will clean up and hold our heads high that we fought the Flood of '09' and I did it on my own. My soldier honey has been gone on Flood Ops since the 3rd week of March. They called "Send in the National Guard!" and away he went, looking pretty hot in his ACU's I might add.
Welcome to my world...A military wife and a married single mom.

Stay dry. ha ha ha.

Hooah ~ Cowgirl Lady

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