Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm feeling very blah today.

I wouldn't say I'm a super chipper person, but I'm not a total crank either. I'm usually just a normal, contented housewife, mom of 3 cowboybabies and proud soldier's wife. I'm just having one of those no ambition, no pep, and just blah kind of days.

Those that are thinking it..yes I'm fine. I'm not all depressed and mopeing about or anything.

I have my support sisters (another military wife and /or bestest buddies) whom I've called when I needed to vent or can't believe I'm saying this...cried to. Even non military women...you so need to get you some support sisters. Someone who knows you well enough that when they call and ask how you are you can say I'm great and they know and aren't afraid to call you out and tell you.."you are such a liar."

But really, I'm fine. The baby's appt. at the Orthopedics went fine, he's not in a cast they have him in what they call a Wee Walker..which is basically a brace he can walk in, when he is able to walk.

My New Jeep broke down on me already, but it's out of the shop and if not totally fixed I am aware of the issue and can keep an eye on it now. My soldier calls when he can, usually just a quick this is what he did that day, how are the kids, gotta go love ya bye. Yeah, I'm not very high maintenance. Many other women would be upset or something with the fact that there is no lovey and mushy, I miss you, I love you so much, you are such a superwoman doing all this on your own. Me? don't get it, don't expect it. I get all my ego strokes from my support sisters.

Nothing will perk you up for a good day as getting a text message first thing in the morning telling you " good morning sunshine. I am the planet that revolves around you." It's goofy, yes I know, but it works. Nothing helps you get through some stressful time as a friend. (lets call her Venus since she orbits around me...I am the sun, la la la la!)

Venus being there, calling you superwoman, even when you don't know how you are going to get through this without falling apart, that kind of support really gives you the umptoo to do whatever you need, without holding it all in and eventually having a complete mommy/wife meltdown.

I'm not just speaking of the current situations I've been in, I'm talking about 9 yrs of situations,stressers, dilemma's and complete and utter holy shit, you've got to be kidding me times.

Now be very picky when picking your support sisters. Let me tell you, pick the wrong one and you are going to be adding vinegar to your baking soda stress level.

It's hard to do, but time will eventually have true colors showing through. The whole call me anytime, you'll know if they really mean it the first time you call in the middle of the night or right in the middle of the day when the kids are fighting, the dog's barking, the baby is teething..you get the picture. Now if it was a serious I need a friend to vent to time, not just an average how you doing phone call, your support sister, will kick the dog outside..distract the kids and lock herself in the bathroom to give you her undivided attention. You see where I'm going with this. I wish that was on the list of things you need pre-deployment. I think it would help so many new military wifeys.

I guess all my rambling is just me explaining that I'm just blah because I'm blah. But, I'm not superwoman with no criptonite...notice I didn't deny being superwoman..doot do dooo!

Well, since it's middle of the day and the boys are fighting, and the dog is barking I'm off. Faster than a speeding bullet. SWOOSH

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady

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