Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do I make a cake for myself for father's day?

Father's day is almost here and no daddy. But, hear me out on this one. Since I am currently in one of those married single mom times. I am being the mommy and daddy both. I cook, clean and cuddle. But, I am also doing the yard work, the trash, breaking out the toolbox to fix what needs fixed, being the strong voice when they are in trouble, I've tried doing the low voice too but it just doesn't work, I sound like a toad being stepped on.

This is just one of the random thoughts I have much can a mommy step in to take the place of a daddy. besides father's day. Next year, middle little will be in kindergarten and thus having a dad come to school for donuts afternoon. Do I go?

Just sharing a random thought I had today. Still undecided on the whole cake thing though. Maybe tomorrow night, I'll grab a cup of tea, a piece of lemon meringue pie, and toast a here's to you girl. Happy father's day..Mom!

Oh, and to all the dad's and Mom's being moms and dads...Happy Father's Day to you as well!!! Here's to you.

Get out side and play with your kids, dare I say's Summer!

Helping a toddler with a bum foot chase butterflies,
Cowgirl Lady

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