Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have Survived

I know I know it's been so long since I wrote and I said once my hubby deployed I would keep up with this blog thingy better. Give me some slack..I had to find a house and move and be at the fair and start two kids all in two weeks by Myself.

I did it!

I can honestly say this has to be without a doubt one of the toughest things I've ever done in my life. All's well that end's well though, only damage done was to me, my children are doing wonderfully and that's all I ask.

The house I'm in isn't the same as the one in the previous post. That one was a joke. Two sisters own it and one said I could have I quit looking and then two days later the other sister calls to say I can't. Mad scurry to find a house begins again. Call after call all leading to nothing. Until one night I get a phone call from a lady who we'd asked about the house but it was for sale, our name kept coming up to her so she said she prayed about it and figured with my name keep coming up maybe God was telling her something. She took it off the market and let me have it right away. Her and her husband truly are my God sents. Not only did they rent me their house, they are the biggest sweethearts you could ever ask for, like renting me their house isn't kind enough she also asks if there is anything else I need please don't be afraid to call.

The house...OH the house. It's such as upgrade. We have more room, we are in the country still but on it is so much prettier even than the other place. I am surrounded by wonderful families and the cincher that brought a tear to my eye is pulling in the driveway and an American flag flying from a flagpole in the front yard.

I'm really trying not to get excited but that soldier of mine and I have talked about buying a house soon anyway...could this be our little patch of heaven? I sure not even considering that option till I spend a winter here that's for sure.

But that's the cliff note version of the past 3 weeks. My next post will include pictures and be of Cody and his 4H lamb at the fair.

stay safe,
Cowgirl Lady

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