Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flannel and Static

Hi, Hello and Howdy.

All is pretty typical in the northern prairie of NoDak. Yep, pretty typical we now have a ground covered with that fluffy white stuff and it's cold. Break out the wool socks and flannel sheets.

Bit of useless information for you... Put flannel sheets on a child's bed and then flannel pj pants on an eight year old long legged lil munchkin and DO NOT expect him to go to sleep right away. You see there is this fascinating little thing called static electricity. Let me try and explain it the way my oldest little cowbaby did. "HEY MOM!!! didya know if move your legs fast and pull the sheet up it makes sparklers." giggle giggle giggle snort giggle.

Once again, I have that look on my face... that what the heck is this little fellow telling me. So of course I play it like I'm really not a dumb mom that doesn't have any idea what he's talking about. "I know, isn't it neat." what a generic comment but it's the best I could come up with considering I didn't have any idea what he's talking about, he's talking and I hear him but it's not combining with any known knowledge in my brain.

Come on I'm the woman who freaked herself out because I went to bed with a glow in the dark band-aid on my big toe and woke up in the middle of the night staring and kinda freaked out at the green glowing floating thing that was at the end of my bed, sad to say it took me reaching and grabbing it to realize it was my own damn toe and that was after I squeeked and about jumped out of my skin because something grabbed my toe. I'll sit here and wait while ya'll finish your laughing fit. I'm really not a blond I swear, and on paper I'm intelligent. I think I just have these brief attacks of brain snooze syndrome.

Back to "sparklers" in bed... Once again that barrel chested Cowboy of mine came to the rescue saving me from being a dippy do. Cowboy walks in the boys room, gets the same "Hey DAD!!" that I had previously received and right away Super Dad knew exactly what the little man was talking about and gave a quick kid lesson on static electricity. After which led to 5 minutes of seeing just how many sparks they could make if Daddy lifted the sheet up really really fast and convulsions of giggles and chuckles. cup runnith over.

There has to be cliff notes somewhere to "HEY MOM!!" moments. That is not entitled "Ask the Man."

Stay warm,

The dippy-do Mom

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