Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Happy belated Turkey day. I hope everyone had a good day and besides being the national day of gluttony. I hope everyone had their friends and family close and were thankful for something besides a day off work.

What am I thankful for? When asked at the dinner table yesterday my oldest son piped up for me before I even got a chance..."kids". LOL. Out of the mouth of babes. Yes, I am ever so thankful for my children, but I am also thankful to have my rough rider Cowboy home.

Yesterday was the beginning of the bitter-sweet holidays, because we know the chair at the head of the table will be empty next year along with a piece of our hearts. We make the best, enjoy the moments we have and hold onto those moments to get us through the tough times. It does make me stop and think of all the wives, husbands, mothers, father and kiddos who's loved one is deployed this holiday season. Keep the faith that each day they are gone is a day closer to them coming home. My heart goes out to you and I wish you all happy holidays and peace and comfort.

A moment of thinking aloud......

What's for dinner tonight? Blahhh HA HA. Like I'm actually going to cook tonight. Leftovers it is. If anyone does have any good recipes for smoked turkey it would be appreciated. I'm not a big fan of turkey salad and not quite sure how smoked turkey would be in a turkey pot pie..hmm. So, dig in your recipe box and give it up. I mean that in the nicest bossy way.

Oh yea....Happy shopping, may the discount fairy sprinkle lots of black Friday savings dust on you.

Have a great weekend.


Cowgirl Lady

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