Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flood '09' I'm not having fun.

As I said in the previous post we are flooding. My Cowboy Soldier is in Fargo dealing with the mighty "Red" and I'm trapped at home. Yes, trapped. I promise no exaggeration there, though I do tend to use the writers gift and word things a slightly bit more animated than it might have been but that is my God given right as a writer. I am literally and completely trapped. Sure I could get out of my driveway and head down the road...wait, maybe I couldn't.

The past 24 hours has dumped a bunch of snow on us, so I really can't tell where my driveway ends and my yard begins so possibly, I couldn't make it out of my driveway. Why, you ask, because I know that under all that snow is squishy suck the boots right off your feet mud. I should also mention that all this overland flooding from the fields etc has caused a huge puddle at the end of my driveway which almost muddled in with the overflowing water in my ditch, but count my blessings my culvert opened up (I think) and my ditch drained. Any who, if by chance I did get out of my driveway and onto my little dirt road, I can't make it very far.

If I should decide to turn West, at the end of my driveway, well the road has a huge crack that follows along side the road and if that squishy mud or snow would pull me too far over my tire would go in and Crap! stuck and broke truck. Now, if I didn't get into the crack I'd only make it about half a mile and Oh would you look at that, a flooded field and water over the road. On the other hand, lets say I decide to turn East, well that'll get me about a mile down the road, after battling big ruts slickery mud and washboards that make my teeth chatter together when I drive over them. All and all, I'm still going to run into the same situation though...Oh look a flooded field making a little river running over the stinking road. Now these aren't just little field puddles, these are huge portions or in some cases whole fields filled with so much water that if it was in Minnesota not North Dakota it could be counted as a lake, making Minn. the land of 10,001 lakes.

Now that's my dilemma. I can handle it. I'm not going to lie it really sucks right now. Not that me and the cowboybabies are going to starve or say run out of diapers leaving me 48 hours to fully potty train a 23 month old. Nahhh, got food, got diapers, got toilet paper (that would be really scary). The part that is bugging me is the unknowing. I have no idea how long it's going to take for the water to run off to somewhere besides over my road or soak in, which I highly doubt. The ground is so saturated I'm sure the poor tree roots look all pruney like my toes when I finally get that quiet time to soak in a bubble bath with out the interruption of "MOMMMMM!"

Life on the prairie is definitely a new adventure for me. I'm tough I can handle it.... I think.

Off to play a game with the kiddos.


Cowgirl Lady

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