Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flood 2009. My part of the world is making national news.

Yep, flood. All that record breaking snow we got this winter is leading to record breaking flooding. I personally, along with my cowboy babies are dealing with overland flooding, meaning, fields now look like ponds and lakes and it's rushing over the roads and around farmsteads and towns and making travel near impossible. Trust me I know, I ventured out yesterday to find that my road to the east and west has water rushing over it. Fortunately I live far enough away from the rivers, my closest being about 5 miles, but I sure am not protected from all the over land flooding that's for sure. My house is fine, thus far,the water is still in the ditch.

My other half, received a phone call late Sun. night from his Guard unit and he is now in Fargo battling the mighty Red River. Let me throw some numbers out there to give you an idea of what the big deal about this flooding is. The Red's flood level is 18, it's looking to hit 41+ feet by this weekend, and that level keeps raising.

I have dealt with many a things but this is my first time dealing with flooding. I do believe I am doing pretty good too, minus the crying on the way home last night because trying different directions home and I was still be confronted with flooded roads, I popped it into 4 wheel drive, said a prayer and went through some water running over the road, we made it fine but that's not something I'm planning on doing on a regular basis that for darn sure. I'll take pictures as soon as I can, but my Cowboy Soldier took the camera with him.

I will continue to keep you updated as well as share picture and tell about my oldest's wrestling tournament this past weekend.

Take care and be safe. Keep your head afloat..HA HA.

Cowgirl Lady

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