Monday, November 24, 2008

Tots and GI Joe

This picture tickles me to no extent and makes me feel sorry for any bad guys who ever cross this boy...because if he can't kick your butt he's going to have you on the ground laughing uncontrollably.

All sit down grab a blankie and a lovey it's story time...

Every since that roughrider cowboy of mine stepped off the plane and started giving me hot flashes in his ACU's (sorry but I like the ACU's better than the Navy Blues. Sorry squids, but you will still always be dear to me) Even before we made it home from the airport and big city, our boys, mostly focusing on the older two, have been fascinated with all the gear, cloths and everything else he came home with in two duffel bags and two huge boxes. Now take into consideration, they own GI Joe's, they have for a while, we have helicopter, tanks, humvee's and more little green army men than I care to recall because they are hell on the feet and vacuum. But now things have picked up to a new level of mini military in my house.

Now, Dad's a real GI Joe, so when it's playtime of we are in the Army, not only is it just little tots on the floor with all their plastic soldiers and equipment, now we have marching, along with military cadence I might add, we have ranks, and heaven forbid one should get out of line, then we have Jr. drill instructor in your face. Nothing is funnier that watching a four year old Yell "UP....DOWNNN..." while his brother and in one case his FATHER does push-ups.

Battle had been getting pretty fierce and poor middle little who is on the clutsy side anyway, had fallen one too many time so it was time for Cowboy to break out the big gear. Upon seeing how cute those chubby cheeks where in his helmet Cowboy decided he needed a new pic for his myspace and went about the deed of lifting and placing the soldier jr in his boots and shirt which was a challenge on it's own... if you gave the child the slightest nudge he would tip over sorta resembling cow tipping for all the country folks out there, bit of knowledge for you, being in dad's boots was hard enough, but that helmet is HEAVY and thank the good lord for it because that pumpkin head is always the first thing to hit the floor.

So... there he is, dad's boots, shirt and helmet, trying not to move and tip over like a weeble wobble who will fall down. Cowboy darling is chuckling and snapping pictures when he tells him in a stern but loving voice "Give me your war face boy" That was it I was done, when the duck lips puckered up for his war face I was cow tipping over myself on the floor as poor cowboy is trying to snap the picture while shaking from laughter. Reason #312 to have kids... laughter and entertainment non stop!

You see, Welcome to my world, my tot-military and the mess hall that had better have chicken nuggets and chocolate pudding.

Nap time's almost over so I'm off for my next adventure in motherhood. Wish me luck and cover my back.


Cowgirl Lady

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