Thursday, November 13, 2008

WHAT? Thanksgiving in two weeks! UHG

I just realized upon looking at the calender that we have a mere two weeks till Thanksgiving. Where is the time going. Besides marching straight across my body...hello muffin tops, grey hair and ghetto booty.

Thanksgiving in two weeks, good grief that means I need to realize Christmas is coming. Oh dear, Christmas. I'm not ready I tell you. I'm not ready for it. I haven't even considered the idea of shopping. Ick, Uhgg, Shopping. I'm also dealing with the notion would it be weird of me to get a little more in the FA LA LA LA LA mood knowing that my dear darling hubby isn't going to be home next Christmas.

I know there I go back to the upcoming deployment. I can't help it. It's been a long time since the last deployment and I'm older and maybe wiser....well nahh, no need to exaggerate that much.

I've done six month deployments, twice! This is going to be a year though and with the kids being older I'm under the thinking that maybe I should make the holidays a bit more pizzazzy. I know it's not going to make it any easier while he's gone but perhaps it will make some extras memories we can recall and ha ha about next year.

For being a veteran/old pro military wife you'd swear I'm a newbie to this.

So, any suggestions besides the typical cookies for Santa, wake up open presents stay in PJ's half the day and terrorize the house with new toys; and that's just cowboy...HA HA. Seriously though...what does a 31 yr old Cowboy/Soldier ask for for Christmas? A big remote controlled John Deere tractor that's what. LOL. See now you under stand why I say I'm raising FOUR boys.

I love him though, can't help it, how can you not be twitterpated with a guy who text messages you good morning beautiful most mornings while away to training/playing soldier. Besides he's kinda cute.

PSSTTT!!!! He's the one on the RIGHT, being as the other is a female, hopefully you figured that out already I would sure hope anyway.


Cowgirl Lady

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  1. He is kinda handsome isnt he...

    P.S. Good Morning Beautiful