Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Fall

If you'd have told me this past weekend that fall would be upon us on Monday, I might very well have laughed at you. We had one of the most beautiful weekends of the summer. It was bright, sunny, nice little NoDak breeze, low humidity and just an all around play outside till the mosquitoes come to attack sort of weekends. Today, well, yep it's Fall.

Moseying my way down my driveway, out of the shelter of my little plot of happiness. I took a gander at the soy bean field and what seems like only a week ago I was wondering if the darn things where ever going to blossom. I got my answer in that they not only blossomed they are chuck full of beans. NO, I'm not sitting in the middle of the field to get the shot. I did however have to jump the ditch, get attacked by mean bite at my ankle thistles and bout get knocked over into a puddle when a rather rude gust of wind came at me.

Picture qualities will hopefully be better in the next year as that darlin roughrider cowboy of mine promised me a new, awesome camera. I have a witness that he promised it too. So, cowboy you aren't getting out of it this time, and no you can't buy it for me and then take it with you when you deploy. So there.

After climbing my fluffy mommy butt out of the field and up the ditch across the road I wondered if anything else was a symbol of fall upon us. OUCH cussword! I hate thistles! I give you one of my apple trees.

The apples are red, but they are still on the puny side and middle little says they are souder. Yet again another advantage to having three little cowboybabies. They think it's great to be able to take an apple off the tree and taste it and then get to chuck it into the horse pasture. Which is fine with me. I'm afraid I take a bite out of a not yet ready apple it might throw me into convulsions of flashbacks of being a wee one myself eating way too many crab apples and having an awful tummy ache swearing that I will never do that again even if my brother and cousins do. Try explaining that to your kid and expect them to ever listen to his brother again or eat apples for that matter. NO thanks, I'll stick with letting the boys be the testers.

With Fall here in the Northern Prairie that means I have to once again force myself to consider packing up the summer cloths and such, then drag out the I don't want to but I have to winter boxes. I'm not sure about other people living up here but Fall for me is not a favorite season. Fall is a reminder that winter is coming, that preparations need to be made for the freeze my lilly butt off till late April/May.

This coming winter will be my third up here and I'd like to go on the record of saying, My blood is still too thin for the cold and wind. I keep hearing that you get used to it. I don't buy it. Sure you might be used to it if you where born here, as a wee cherub you got accustomed to holy crap that's cold, cover every inch of my skin. OH, I feel for poor little ones born in the winter, you think they where crying because they are babies, nuh uh they're screaming because they want put back in their warm little cocoons of mommy's tummy and emerge in spring like most cute cuddly creatures. I might sound bitter (like bitter cold, ha) about the winter, but I roll with the punches. I burrow into my comfy home and deal. Because the wide open spaces, friendly Mayberry sorta people and morals and ethics still abundant out here make cold winters worth it when raising my boys.

Wait till January though, I promise you this will not be the last time you hear me grumble about COLD. I will make a conscious effort to try and be more positive about it though. teehee, I said try remember that.

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