Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Chubby Hands & A Caterpillar

There are moments when I am one of those mothers that have to run in the house and grab the camera because you get such a perfect glimpse into the innocence of a child. When those moments unfold before me I want a picture to always remember the fascination and curiosity of the world around us in the eyes of a child.

This afternoon that moment confronted me in the form of a 4 year old and a woolybear caterpillar. I sat on the stoop watching him as he squatted on the sidewalk completely enveloped into the wiggly little motion of the fuzzy thing squirming across our walkway. With Big blue eyes he looks up asking if he could pick it up and with the gentlest touch I've ever seen with those chubby baby hands he sat still as can be giggling as softly as possible as it tickled it's way around his hand and up his arm.

These moments make a mother sigh. A soft quiet sigh of contentment. No matter the stress and big people situations going on around us our wee ones always remind us to stop and remember the little things. The wonder of a caterpillar, the joy of bare feet in the warm sun and perfect joy of living life through a child's eyes.

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