Monday, January 26, 2009

Hurry up and Wait.

I am one of those odd people that like knowing stuff in advance. I like to have stuff planned and not real good at dealing with a pop up surprise of you have 2 days to have this done. Now let me make something very clear. I am not a control freak and I don't suffer from any disorders, at least I don't think I do. Nope, take a look around my house. Mount washmore is still staring at me. I just don't understand how it is impossible to keep up with laundry, but I've tried, I've made a resolution of it, I've lectured myself and threaten to lock myself in the house till it's done, I've thought about giving up everything but laundry for lent, phew not being catholic saved me from that. I am sad to say all have ended it complete failure. Sigh, I just made myself a little depressed writing about that, I don't like failure, I don't like losing...I blame it entirely on my Zodiac..I'm a Sagittarius.

:::tap tap tap::: Is this thing on or have I completely lost you? Oh OK. All this rambling is going somewhere I promise.

As you well know that barrel chested big forearmed and bigger biceps, drool! Cowboy/Soldier husband of mine has been away to school, learning stuff the military says he needs to know, for three weeks. Now here comes my aggravation point. Originally he was to be gone for 6 weeks for this school. It consists of 2 phases each 3 weeks, you follow? I know if you're math impaired such as me you might have to read that again...I'll give you a second.

Got it? OK. Well apparently somewhere something got fandoogled and he's not sure if he will have phase 2 or not, I'm thinking paperwork got messed up somewhere. Phase 1 ends tomorrow, but he doesn't find out if he has Phase 2 till the class actually starts on Wed. and they see if anyone already enrolled in the class doesn't show up or doesn't have their proper paperwork and he gets bumped into the class. That happens and he'll be gone yet another 3 weeks but this school part will be done. If not he'll fly home, in the next couple days and he'll get the class at a further date. Not too further I'm thinking, because this is a required school and he's deploying this summer. Not thinking about that at this moment.

So here I am...waiting to find out if my honey and father of my blond babes is coming home this week or in 3 weeks. My kids ask, when's daddy coming home and right now I'm going uhhhhhh doot doo doo, I'm not sure. That does not please them, they are like me, they like black and white on the calendar something they can see. I'm sorry my children you had to inherit your mother's..must have all the facts need of information I don't like surprises they make me nervous make me sweat and make me want to bite my nails again which I quit many years ago.

I guess this post didn't really have a point, no funny story, no recipe, no pictures of my children's latest, lets see how many grey hairs we can give mom and see how fast she really can run across the house and hurdle the coffee table. Nope I'm sorry to disappoint this is just a basic I'm cold, frustrated and venting.

I think I need to go eat some Chocolate...maybe I'm being...dare I say it...Girly...Shudder!

Tapping my fingers waiting for info, wishing my postcard from my hubby of the Ghirardelli Factory was edible or is it eatable.

Cowgirl Lady

PS. This little picture has absolutly nothing to do with this post, I just found it and it makes me giggle. Might have something to do with the fact I played with GI Joe's not Barbies. I have a confession I'm 29 years old and have never owned a Barbie doll. I'm thinking that's going to come and bite me in the butt someday as a deep dark reason as to why I am the way I am. Easily therapy for me. I love quick easy solutions.

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