Monday, January 19, 2009

Middle Little Is Now 5

Sigh! Yesterday was my middle little's 5th birthday. A day which was spent running around the house singing happy birthday to me, each time the lyrics change into some of the oddest renditions, but hey he's five, all five year olds are odd aren't they? Please tell me they are!

We started out our day with a breakfast of cereal which wasn't what his pallet apparently had in mind so we had to throw an apple in there, followed by a mid morning snack of raisins and a pudding cup. Oh I can feel the health food granola moms shaking their heads at me. I admit it my child had a chocolate pudding cup before noon, in fact in was before 11, what a rebel I am. I'm not ashamed, it's got milk, it's part of the dairy category. He enjoyed it and he'd have had it even if it wasn't his birthday which it was so HA.

After a lunch of Alphabet soup..thank you Campbell's, he got a phone call from Daddy. Super Soldier Daddy, who's away to school and wishes so badly he could be there for his birthday but promises of a party when he gets home next month. OK, all better. Amazing how the visions of two birthdays can pick a kid up and make Daddy being gone not seem so bad. Wow kids are easy sometimes. Must remember, party's solve boo hoo's.

What a lovely day it was, 20 degrees, ABOVE zero. Did you see that, I'll do it was 20 degrees ABOVE ZERO. Can you hear the Hallelujah choir of angels singing when I say that. I Bundle up the kids, shiped em outside and a couple of hours of sledding down our ginormous pile of snow...thanks Wyatt. I also have some lovely half completed snow construction sites around my property, but the kids union had to quit for the day do to Tonka Truck tires be packed too full of snow and the thought of Hot Chocolate. I'm really going to have to read the small print of those union contracts more carefully.

After a rather plain supper of spaghetti, hey it's what he wanted, it was presents and cake time. Ah yes, the cake. The cake was bit different than the average 5 yr. olds cake, but does that really surprise you that my children pick something a tad out of the ordinary. I am the mother of Capt. Pickles, the scientist who convinced Dad to prick his finger to look at Dad's Army blood under his microscope and a baby who's whole world revolves around jumping 1/2 an inch off the ground to bounce in the oddest kangaroo + bunny + looking like you just burnt your feet yet not bending our knees kinda bounding in a straight line across the kitchen. Quite a sight to see I must say.

You see since about two months ago after breakfast at Denny's and pancakes with cherry pie fillings, that darling pumpkin headed middle little of mine has been on a cherry kick. Not real cherries, like bing cherries on the stem, NOOO canned cherry pie filling. So, the birthday cake with 5 candles was actually a cherry cheesecake..heavy on the cherries. I really do wonder if what you do when nursing your child has an affect. My three days in the hospital after having the little feller via c-section the OB ward always gave us nursing moms snacks, not just ice cream and home baked pies and sandwiches and pretty much anything else we wanted. Well, safe to say, I went on a major pie kick. Cowboy and I ate more pie those three days in the hospital that I think I might eat in average year. Cause for my child's love of pie and at the moment pie fillings..HMMMM.

It was a good day, we were missing that barell chested Cowboy of ours...but that's something we are getting accustomed to and going to continue to. Deployment this summer and no Cowboy for any birthdays and holidays for a year. We bucked up and managed.

I am now the mommy of an 8 year old , 5 year old and 21 month old. SIGH! Once school starts in the fall I'm only going to have one babe home with me. I'm not going to think about that right now, I'll think about that tomorrow (channeling Scarlet O'Hara again).

Hug those babies of yours, they really do grow up way too fast. Oh and grab some cherry pie filling while you're at it, you know you want too. Sprinkle some granola on it and make it healthy. Sorry that was my muffin tops talking again.

Thinking about cherry cheesecake for lunch, damn those muffin tops.

Cowgirl Lady

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