Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Fourty Below ..and I don't give a *&!...Name that song

I'm snowed in and it's beyond COLD.

Since the beginning of Dec. it has been a regular occurrence to have a winter storm every weekend. Well apparently January has decided that it must 1 up good ole December like an attention getting sibling. So instead of winter storms they are upgrading to blizzards and negative temps.

Let me take this moment to explain negative temps and windchill. Temperature is how cold it is outside, read the thermometer. Windchill is how cold it feels. I don't know where it comes from. I imagine there is some scientific thingy to it. I prefer to think of it as some poor guy who ticked off one too many people stealing their parking places at the mall, not getting up on the subway and giving his seat to a pregnant woman carrying groceries and a screaming two year or just one of the rude guys who can't understand what it means to have an inside voice while on his cell phone. His punishment is as follows.. getting woke up in the morning out of his soft flannel sheets by two thugs wearing down filled parkas and thrown outside in the elements. Jumping up and down the fool yells "holy shit it's got be 40 below out here." hence windchill factor -40.

Yes, I'm in an odd mood. Be warned posts might be on the warped side for a bit.

Now, me being the sweet, darling and just plain cute east coast southern gal that I am. I was used to having my place of solice and way too much fun...the ocean. I miss the ocean. For people who haven't been used to smelling the salt in the air, the sand under your feet and between your toes, oh and the sound...like the water splashing on the back of the tub when hurricane baby RJ plays with rubber ducks and boats, add in the squawk of sea gulls and thunder turned down to almost mute. The ocean gets into your soul. It becomes a part of you, it calls and pulls for you and when unable to accept its open invitation its the urge not fed like having breast fed a infant suckling for a year and hearing a newborn cry similar to your own child's wee whimper. (sorry guys.) Just imagine the perfect 10 by 10, velvet covered rack, broad shouldered buck and it being 15 minutes after the closing of deer season. Not quite the same..but hey I tried.

It's been five years since my soul mate of the earth ...the ocean, has ran it's sea wind hands through my hair and splashed mist on my face. I miss it more than I thought I would. I live in the wild wide open prairie, I'm surrounded by nature day in day out, but I have yet to find something that gets to me the way the ocean does. All this snow and cold sure isn't helping any either... I try to think warm thoughts and what do I get...

My North Dakota Ocean front property. A Sea of Snow.

Post note.. the normal flat snow is well over my knees, the drifts are anywhere from butt deep to over my head. Do they make life preserver to keep you from sinking and drowning in snow? Hmmm!

Cuddle your loved one and be warm

Hooah! Cowgirl Lady

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