Friday, January 9, 2009

My Soldier's Gone and Winter Doesn't Like Me

I'm going to give you fair warning, this is a post that most likely I'll be whining and possibly have self-pity.

On Sunday morning, I might add the buttcrack of dawn after a huge winter storm. We once again had to drive that hunky cowboy soldier of mine to the airport to hop a flight to California for the next six weeks. Yeah, I know, California...sometimes life's just not fair. Anywho, after staying up till after midnight, gathering, folding and packing him for his next soldier must go away expedition we went to bed to wake up to a buzzing alarm clock at 3 am. Why so early you ask, because over a foot of snow had just fallen and the wind was causing drifts everywhere and his flight left at 6:55 am in the city. We made it there in one piece, got him checked in, hugs kisses and little tikes attached to my leg, we left the airport.

I climbed in the truck, trying not to shake and giving myself a good hearty pep talk that I could do this. "I'm an army wife now, I had to soldier up and face my fear head on, be a warrior. I could drive these winter roads myself, I could get me and three little cowboy cargoes home in one piece without ending up in the ditch somewhere in -32 wind chills." Oh and yes, I was talking to myself. Don't you judge me. It was dark, I was in the running truck at a tiny airport and if any one saw me hopefully they thought I was talking to one of the kiddos falling asleep behind me.

Let me explain something quick. I don't winter drive. Nope, Nuh Uh, haven't done it in YEARS. Up until a month ago, if it even started flurrying outside, Cowboy would have to drive. When I was a fresh out of high school teen I was traveling around an "S" curve (no i wasn't speeding to all you men who assume that) and my car fish tailed, went into the ditch and I had a double concussion as well as was paralyzed from the waist down for a bit and limping in pain when I did get my legs back for a what seemed like forever. I got scared, I lost all my confidence in my driving and I haven't driven snow since....till last month, when my hubby ever so nicely and gently started teaching and guiding me and for the first time I didn't buck him on it because I knew he was leaving for these couple months and deploying this summer for a year so it was inevitable. I needed to drive all the seasons.

Thank the good lordy I am happy to announce I got myself and the cowbabies home safe, sound and in one piece...the truck too. Though I did do something for the first time... I had to go drift busting to get down my road. That my dears is both thrilling and frightening at the same time. It did take me double the time it usually takes to come home from the city, but I'll be a granny driver when I'm not comfortable with the traction under my tires, go around me and pay me no mind.

All this lovely blabbing of mine was about Sunday. Today is Friday and once again, just like every weekend since the beginning of Dec. We are having a winter storm. I am not going out in it. I won't and you can't make me. I was smart, I knew it was coming. The kids and I packed up went to town, I grabbed some groceries and diapers and I am hunkered down in my cozy little prairie home and not leaving till the storm passes, the road grater scrapes all the snow and drifts blocking my road and the plows sprinkle some sort of stuff on the main roads.

Current Mood: I miss my Cowboy Soldier..I miss seeing the ground...I really don't think snow is pretty anymore.... I just know all this snow is going to lead to some bad flooding this spring and yet, I'm sorta proud of myself for bucking up and doing what I have to do.

I'm off to grab a blankie a cup of hot tea and watch a movie with my kiddos.

Stay Warm and Drive safe

Hooah ~ Cowgirl Lady

PS...the kids like the snow, especially the huge Snow pile getting bigger each time the driveway gets scraped. Yes, those are our two dogs playing in the snow and trying to sled ride I might add.

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