Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am no longer going crazy with not knowing.

Just a quick update to the previous post...

That darling, sweet and mildly obnoxious Cowboy Soldier of mine called this morning. He got into Phase 2 of the classes needed for his soldiering.

Where does that leave me? That leaves me a married single mom for three more weeks. I'm optimistic though, the boys have gotten accustomed to daddy being gone, I've got my schedule without him down pretty good, I recently have discovered my limitations of what manly stuff he does around here I can't do.

Yeah, that discovery hurt my head, my bottom and my pride. Lets just, a shovel, an ax and an end result of me flat on my back on the ground with a knot on my head, a sore tail bone, bruised pride and thanking the good lord I didn't impale myself. Please, don't ask me to go into further detail it's just too painful, mostly for my pride.

Wish me luck, three more weeks of a little taste of what the upcoming deployment shall be like. Sigh! Me learning how to be on my own in the middle of winter.

I foresee me giving myself more pep talks.


Cowgirl Lady

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