Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy and Slacking

I know, I know I'm terrible, it's been a week since I've wrote. I got starts in a little over two weeks, hubby leaves for a month to WTC in about three weeks, I've got three boxes of peaches, to make jam, can and freeze. Ahhhh, deep breath.

I love how some weeks are pretty mellow. Wake up, take care of kids, deal with minor child induced dilemma's, clean, cook and type on here at nap time, finish mommy duty day and call it a night when all the little males are asleep and I realize it's late, I'm sleepy and nothing else is going to get done that night. Then there are the other weeks. Every night I stop and go... where did the day go and did I accomplish anything today except baby wrangling my adorable little cowbabes and if I'm lucky, being able to shave my legs with out a child needing me or coming in bombarding my bathtub with the whole pile of tub toys.

Then again, I much rather that the rubber ducky baby bombs get thrown in the tub at me than where he usually throws them....the potty. Yuck! I just know in the next couple weeks he'll figure out how to flush it too.

* Bit of useless information for you. Did you know that 6 small rubber duckies will take a nice watery merry go round ride in the toilet before it goes on strike and decides to overflow. Thank you my darling oldest cowbaby...Cody, when you were 2. You have been the proud creator of this little known fact. LOL! Sorry that was six years ago and I need a moment to stop and chuckle at that adorable "look what I did Mom, aren't you proud" expression he had.

All you mother's of tots. Consider that bit of info when you see a bargain pack of 6 adorable, micro, smiling faced rubber duckies and you decide to buy 2 packs. One pack you are safe...step away from the second pack unless you enjoy cold toilet water pruned toes.


My hands still smell like peaches and I'm sleepy.

Good night & Sleep sweet! Have pleasant dreams of attacking rubber duckies. HA HA.

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