Friday, August 1, 2008

X Games

Today starts the annual X games. I know, why is a ND country mama writing about the X games. Well, that's easy I can explain it in 1 word....Cody.

Cody is my almost 8 yr. old. He's the oldest of my cowbabies, he's the only one that was around when my Cowboy man was in the military before. The only one to have previously gone through deployments. He's also my preemie, oh my tiny little orange colored (jaundice) inky dinky baby.

He's a country boy... boots, hat, obsessed with bull riding, but the one thing that will lead him astray from the western being that he is .... BMX and dirt bikes.

I give you the X games... The cowboy boots come off, a pair of sneakers gets thrown on as well as the helmet and pads, and not just any. NOOOOO, last year for his birthday it was a mongoose trick bike as he calls it, black helmet and pads that just so happen to say "X Games" on them. That child pulls on his bike gear and he's gone outside to try again to mirror whatever he last saw being executed on some program being sponsored by Amp, Monster or Rockstar energy drinks.

Oh my, would you look at the face. Fierce determination. He's got his game face on, or I'm going to run mom over face. I would much prefer it wasn't the latter one.

I'll go along with experimenting of who he wants to be. His hair is still short, his pants aren't down below his crack and he's still well mannered and respectful. So, I'll sit here and cheer him on as he tries again to pop a wheelie...but in the back of mind I keep thinking, bull riding and X Games. Yea, I know, just what a mother's first choice of personalities for her children is ... an action junkie.

Is it better for me to support him or to squash his dreams and ambitions just because of my fear of him getting hurt?

I will support him. To the point of one of the bull riders around here offered to teach my boy and I've mentioned to his daddy about the lumber in the pole barn and possibility of at least a ramp.

Would I still be a cool mom if I wrapped him in bubble wrap first? Hey, it was worth a try!

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  1. support him, the worst that can happen (other than scrapes and bruises) is he grows bored with it and something else captures his imagination. Scrapes,bruises,cuts and scars are part of a young boys growing up....i know its the last thing a mom wants to hear, i have to remind my wife this everytime the lil man falls or gets a bruise but looking back on my childhood i had the best times when i was getting bumps,scrapes,bruises and scars.