Monday, August 4, 2008

Childhood Summers

Summer... I remember as a wee little child all those summers running around the farm. Climbing trees, swimming in the pond, being pirates on grand adventures on our hay wagon , playing cowboys on our trusty steads. Many a days, Soaking up the sun, just laying on our backs in the pasture till mom called for us to come in or till the mosquitoes got so annoying we went in on our own accord. Which wasn't very often. As a child on summer break there is never enough time in a day for all the play and imagination thundering in our little minds and energy in our bodies.

Now myself as the mother, not the wind in my hair free spirited little child, I find myself looking out the window at my babes and smiling. There is something so special about a warm sunny afternoon with a light breeze, holding a large slice of juicy watermelon and a good spirited brother sitting beside you to spit your seeds at. The laughter and twinkles in my little imp's eyes is enough to make a mother's cup runith over.

Speaking of Imps (ornery little pixie creatures from the books of fairy lure)

I give you my littlest imp, watermelon for the first time. If those big eyes, strawberry blond ringlet curls and pug nose doesn't scream Imp I don't know what does. I tell you, I am rather quickly coming to the conclusion that this one might prove to be my biggest challenge.

I'm game though. Motherhood never has a dull moment and with age and experience I'm learning not to sweat the small stuff and pick my battles. Childhood is such a small window in our lives and before we know it the window closes and the door will open the the trials of adulthood.

But, even as an adult, feel free to kick off the shoes, go barefoot and eat a big slice of watermelon.

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  1. Great picutres! Miss you terribly. Give my love to all!!