Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Last Week Of Summer Break & Me on a Soapbox.

Bummer! On Monday I have to share my oldest cowbaby with the public school system yet again. I wouldn't say he's excited about going back, but he's not upset about it either. I chalk a lot of his liking his little feller career of school to the fact that it's still easy.

I cross my fingers and say my prayers that nothing happens that will cause his liking of school to come to a screeching halt. Especially with my hubby leaving in less than 3 weeks to go off to WTC ( training to teach him the Army way of doing things) and that's minimal a month long, I'm going to have my hands full enough with three little cowbabies, whom I might add are rather fond of having daddy home every night. So, I cross my fingers and my toes, except that my inky dinky little toe is a rebel and won't cooperate!

I really hope my oldest boy likes his teacher and she him, and that the group of bullies in his class keep it to a minimal.

I am going to take this moment to rant, not about anything affecting me personally but just in general.

Kids are mean! I'm not sure how much meaner than they where back in the childhood days of generation X, but I don't recall them being cold hearted viciously mean as kids are today. Oh sure, kids where picked on, shoved around, fought, dreaded dodge ball etc. But, I think kids have a loss of conscience now. It could be the lack to discipline, yeah yeah I know, whoaaaaaaa touchy subject. But, it's true. Too many kids do what ever they want knowing darn well that if they get in trouble for it, they can lie and mommy and daddy will cover for them or get them a lawyer. What the hell, lawyers are for divorces, not for blaming your child's lack of behavior skills on someone else, then try to cover your lack of back bone to be a parent rather than a friend. Kids have friends, they need parents, to teach them the morals and values that are needed to be lawful, respectful adults whom don't need to be informed of ways to help his fellow man. UHGG. OK, I think I'm off my soapbox. OH not quite....parents instead of buying carjacking murdering video games... try buying your son a belt and a haircut and your daughter an extra yard of fabric on her cloths, teenage girls do not need to be walking around with all their bits and pieces hanging out!

WOW! I can really rant about nothing in particular can't I. Especially when I live in the sticks pretty far away from the problems of the cities. Oh well, my blog I can ramble about what I want. I'm off though, I've got a kitchen to clean from lunch and Mt. Washmore is staring at me again.


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