Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Moment to Breath.

I know there comes a time in most every woman's life when you just need a moment to take a breath.

Just that single solitary second, when you can tune out the cleaning, cooking, the feeling of being pulled this way and that, a diaper needs changed, baths need run, teeth need brushed, boo boo's kissed, endless laundry, honey where's this or fix that, the older two are fighting, the dogs are barking and the baby is climbing.

The whole shebang of your family and home is kept smoothly running on it's axis because, you continue making sure everyone is on the path they should be. You can't afford a moment of doubt or slacking, for the fear of knowing if you aren't on your toes 100% of the time everything will fall apart.

Those moments...

Take those moments, let the stress of your everyday life go... cry, laugh, pat yourself on the back for being the supreme domestic goddess that you are. Then pick yourself up, pat some cool water on your puffy eyes and continue on.

We as women, are the quickest to put ourselves on the back burner and forget that we are not perfect. As hard as we may try to, we cannot wrestle with life and make it bend to our will and do the things we want. Money will be tight, your marriage will have it's blah moments, and children will take the opportunity to challenge you whenever it is most innopportune.

Just remember... everything will work out! You can balance all the trials of life and family. You've set the foundation and base for your family, the paths are clearly marked you can afford to take those moments just to pause...let your shoulders slouch and .... Breath!

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