Thursday, July 17, 2008

Color...My LIfe Needs Color.

These are an example of just a few of the flowers around my place and I might add I am quite proud of the green thumb I didn't even know I had. Who knew, that I could grow such beautiful foliage, not a victory garden by no means but give me time, my cowboy darling has created a monster building me all the flower beds I want and letting me fill them with all kinds of budding beauties.

If you've never driven through North Dakota let me explain my desire for lots of different bright flowery things. Dixie Chicks probably explains it well when the say "wide open spaces". That's it... you drive and it's field after field after field of crops. Oh sure there are occasional pastures full of cows and spring is the best because then it's pastures full of baby moo moo cows. But it's wide open. All green in the spring and summer and all brown in the fall and of course all white in the winter and oh my lord didn't know it would get that cold.

After having done 2 winters here I realized that once the first big snow comes, that's it. It stays, you will not see the ground again till spring and spring can come pretty damn late out here. My husband has been so sweet enough as to go out in negative -30 degrees to shovel a big square out in front of my picture window so I can see the ground, I was really starting to wonder if the dirt and poor dormant grass was even still under there. Hey you would wonder too if you went months with out seeing something, if you didn't see your belly button for months on end wouldn't you just reach down there and pillsbury dough boy poke your own button just to make sure it was still there? OH come on, you know you would.

I know now you can understand my need for color. Because, at any given time the canvas of the prairie is one dominant color and that's just not enough for me, I'm greedy, I want a crayon box worth of colors. I want to paint my property with the colors of my chidren's pudgy little hands after getting ahold of a box of markers.

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  1. Hey there cowgirl~
    You are an awesome writer hun! I've enjoyed reading this so much, thanks for sharing with me! You paint such a wonderful picture through your words.
    Julie (sweet)