Thursday, July 24, 2008


It's HOT, I'm thinking today is going to be one of those goofy weather guy "hottest days of the summer, phewww weeee."

I can handle the warm weather, much better than I can the cold I'd like to add, but my littlest one can't. Oh, it's miserable.

It Could be because he's taking after me, the Irish part that is; reddish hair, fair skin, temper, oh lord that one worries me the most. Whatever the reason, he can not handle hot days, he breaks out in prickly heat (heat rash) and he's moody...

And moody I mean... Worse than if Roughrider Cowboy hasn't had anything to eat and he starts getting the holy cranky man hasn't eaten syndrome he'll morph into a grizzly bear like creature thrashing through the house making the children and I grab sticks and pitchforks to keep him away! Food is the only solution to this beauty and the beast moment. Big manly food, beef and potatoes, not a foofy pasta dish.

OH sorry...Back to the baby...

What is a mother to do? To help the baby with the heat, not the cranky hungry husband..

I keep the house as cool as I can, he's running around in a diaper and I've used baby powder.

Now I just sit back and deal...

Daydreaming of an exotic location to go with the heat. I'm laying on the beach, not in a string bikini anymore. After having three children and putting a layer of fat on for the winter, lol hey it's my excuse if I want it to be, bears put a layer of fat on, why can't I?

So... I'd say I'll go with a nice tankini.

Oh wait, I've been without hot water... scratch the whole beach idea, having extra insulation is one thing, having prickly legs that's going to require a lumberjack named Sven with a chainsaw to get through the pine forest now growing on my lower extremeties. That's just unacceptable.

Back to the real world of chasing my herd of children... who wants a beach when you can have my boys chasing you around the hay field, I mean yard, with a garden hose.

This time that Cowboy man of mine had better get sprayed too.

Mission accepted!

Cue the Charlie's Angel's music.

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