Friday, July 25, 2008

Constantly on my toes and I'm not talking ballet.

You would think being on my third baby I would have been better prepared and expecting this. Ha, Ha. Baby RJ is officially in that, I'm independent and mobile, I will do anything I want and if you try and stop me I will scream till the my face turns red and do it anyway. {deep breath} we go again.

Oh I know he's cute peeking over the gate at me. He's wanting so bad to be in the kitchen and help mommy make dinner, and when my back is turned run into the bathroom to splash and throw whatever he can get his hands on into the potty. Or, into the computer room pushing buttons and making the computer do things I didn't even know it could do.

Mommy please let me out of here, I can just read it in those big beautiful green eyes. What makes it even harder is, just like his 2 older brothers, Odie and Bubba as he calls them, he knows just how to melt my heart, big sloppy open mouthed muahhhh baby kisses. Oh I can't forget the one time he talks quietly and that's "Momma".

So I break, I usually let him out of the baby gated living room and put him in his high chair or close the bathroom door and gate off the computer room. Dilemma solved, every one's happy.

But, for every baby/toddler dilemma solved a new one will arise.... I give you ... the stairs!

That little stinker, just climbed his little butt right up them stairs to his Nirvana heaven...the bigger boys toy room.

Oh, I laughed and I was proud that he has the ability to not only climb up the stairs but back down as well.

I was a bit sad too though. Partially because he does so well up and down the stairs and I'm known for tripping up the stairs or the infamous think there is one more step there that really isn't, so I look like a total dork lifting my leg like Frankenstein walking to take a step that isn't even there, now that's if at the top. At the bottom I just trip and about smash my pretty little pug nose into the front door.

My real moment of self awwww is... a milestone like this makes me realize even more that my last baby is growing up way too fast.

I'm pouting now, my babies are all growing up too fast. And I miss their little tiny chubby baby feet and no teeth grins and looking up at me with that look of total adoration...oh wait, I still get that whenever I fix and kiss a boo boo.

Motherhood is the greatest gift we can be given, but man ole man is it a roller coaster of emotions.

* My quote of the day or words of advise or whatever you'd like to call it...

Make sure you've kissed your baby's. It only takes a second and the effects last a lifetime.

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